7 Best Champagne Vodka Cocktails For All Alcohol Lovers To Try!

champagne vodka cocktails

We all know Champagne is super satisfying and is a must-have of any party. But what about Champagne and vodka? Have you ever tried these beauties? We’re sure you’ll fall in love with them the moment you taste them even once. So, if you are into the game already and want to get all the reasons to try out champagne vodka cocktails, look no further than our blog! I’ve personally come up with some extraordinary recipes that you must try out! So, let’s hop in to find out what they are!

champagne vodka cocktails

Why is Champagne & Vodka a Great Combo?

Just like Champagne can steal the show, the combination of vodka with it simply complements the entire thing! So, there is no doubt that people who have tried this combination are literally looking out for this cocktail every time they hit the bar!

And of course, for this superb taste that it gives all alcohol lovers, that’s why people fall in love with this time and over again. The champagne vodka cocktails are oftentimes called James Bond as well. Why? That I’m not sure of, and we’ll leave that for another day. But for now, let’s tell you more about some of the special combos that you must not miss out on.

7 Best Champagne Vodka Recipes You Must Not Miss!

So, now that you intend to order your next cocktail, which is a combination of vodka and Champagne, let’s take a look at what you might like ordering. Here we go:

1.     Raspberry Flavored-Champagne-Vodka Punch

The first one that is a favorite for most people looking out for a champagne vodka combination is this one! You would need some raspberries, Champagne and vodka! Don’t miss out on the ice. Use an alcohol mixture, and there you have it! Your superb drink is absolutely ready for you.

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2.     Berry Infused Champagne-Vodka Combo

This one turns out to be the best for people who love to have berries. The combination of several berries with Champagne and vodka is excellent. But if you think of making it at home, let me tell you, you would need quite a few ingredients. Some of them are brandy, vanilla bean, blackberry syrup, melon liquor, ginger beer, cranberries, and soda. With the perfect proportions, you get the right taste. So, if you want to try this out, make sure you are using the proper proportions.

3.     Champagne Vodka Fruit Punch

Unlike the previous one on our list, this one happens to have the presence of whole fruits: melons, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, and some mint leaves. And of course, you need some champagne and vodka along with it. Soak it all together, preferably overnight! The fruits get in the right flavors of the vodka, giving this a perfect match. Top it up with some vodka, and there you go; your punch is ready to be served.

The vodka that doesn’t blend on the top makes it absolutely lip-biting, which becomes the X-factor in this drink. But remember to get the Champagne that has a particular fizz in it. When the fizz is present in it, it really tastes amazing.

4.     Vodka Jello In Champagne.

This one is really unique. Get some jello powder and mix it with vodka. Let the jellos set well, and then top up your champagne glass with some jellos. Add sprinkles of edible gold and silver paper to give the drink an exotic look.

When you slowly sip the drink, you will surely love the sudden pops that you get in your mouth, making this a perfect go-to for anyone who is a passionate alcohol lover.

5.     Strawberry and Rose Champagne Vodka punch

Vodka tastes amazing with rose. And when you have some frozen strawberries that you can bite into, this one surely will turn out to be your favorite of all time. You’ll need sorbet, the strawberry and rose-infused one, with rose petals, Champagne, vodka, and some whole strawberries.

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The taste of strawberries really goes well with vodka and Champagne. Strawberries have the power of complementing the taste, making them a super favorite.

6.     Apple Champagne-Vodka Punch

Another that we couldn’t help but add is this one. The flavor of apple with Champagne really goes well. But while making this drink, remember to add a little bit of orange liquor that brightens the taste and makes it all the more relishing.

Some people do add a little bit of sugar to this drink, but personally, I like the blend of alcohol in it. And when you are covering the mouth of the glass, you can use some salt and sugar mix. Even though I don’t use this over my drink, you can give it a try.

7.     Vodka-Champagne Combo with Ginger & Lime

Ginger and lime go very well with vodka. But have you ever tried it with some champagne? If you haven’t, then it’s time you try out this combination big time. The perfect blend of alcohols and with ginger and lime, you are sure to love this drink at any point. But don’t miss out on adding some mint over it to top the flavors and notes.

Final Thoughts

Alcohol consumption can become an addiction if consumed in excessive amounts. But if you think of it as an enjoyable drink, then be sure it’s not going to do any harm to you. We always encourage enthusiasts who love to drink alcohol for pleasure, not for addiction.

So, if you are a passionate lover of alcohol and love to try out new things, do give the champagne vodka cocktails a try, and with the combinations, we asked you to try out in the section above. All these tastes are excellent.

Nevertheless, we are always open to hearing about new stuff too! So, if you have ever tried any of these before, go ahead and let us know in the comment section below.