7 Must Haves For a memorable Solo Bike Ride

7 Must Haves For a memorable Solo Bike Ride

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Are you running out of ideas on what to do on weekends? Is going to the movies getting too mainstream for you or is getting the regular Chinese takeout getting too boring? Well, we might have the perfect idea for your weekend that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and rejuvenate your senses before you enter the next week: A solo bike trip!!

A little weekend getaway on your bike to the mountains or a riverside through the exciting desserts and across the toughest terrains can be just what you need this weekend if you’re in for a quick adventure. You can experience the priceless beauty of nature coupled with the adrenaline rush that will make your weekend thrilling and relaxing at the same time.

However, there a few things every rider should bear in mind before they get on with their trip. The most important aspect is your fitness levels and certain health conditions. Issues like body ache, fever, back pain, and chills can affect riders who are not used to riding for long hours. Moreover, people with asthma, diabetes and blood pressure issues should not forget to carry all their prescribed medicines with them because it can be quite difficult to find a doctor in remote areas.

Apart from these considerations, here’s a list of things that are must haves for a solo bike ride:

     1. The right travel attire: Safety is most important and it deserves your utmost attention. Your travel outfit is the first thing you should take care of before you start your journey. A well-padded jacket that provides cushioning to your chest and back, a set of trousers that provide protection to your knees and thighs, a pair of gloves that are designed for a firm grip and tough high rise boots are the essentials that ensure your safety. You must also make sure to wear a helmet at all times while riding. You should also ensure that your bike has its tank full of fuel and don’t forget to get the tires checked as well. You can also check out these motorcycle accessories for your bike that is designed to shield your bike against abrasion and impact resistance considering the full weight of the bike and the rider, which can be very useful for long rides.

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7 Must Haves For a memorable Solo Bike Ride

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     2. A toolbag: We don’t wanna scare you but motorcycles can break down. It is a possibility you cannot ignore. Which is why you must always be prepared for the worst and carry a lightweight tool bag with yourself that can fit in the tools required to fix any minor technical issues that may arise.

     3. Actual physical maps: Yes we know that google maps are the best and the most accurate as well but your phone’s network signal can bail on you any minute when you’re riding far away in remote areas. In that case, you don’t wanna end up getting lost, do you? A physical map will come in handy in situations like these and help you stay on track.

     4. A Bluetooth headset: Nowadays adding a Bluetooth headset to your helmet is no biggie. It is an easy and fairly cheap process. A Bluetooth headset will help you stay in touch with your buddies and guide you when navigating, while you listen to your favorite road trip playlist and have a smooth and seamless ride.

     5. Battery backup: Running out of battery during a ride can be a real bummer and to avoid that, carrying a reliable battery source is compulsory. Considering that you’re gonna be using quite a bit of technology for navigation, GPRS, Bluetooth connections and the phone camera of course because pictures have to go up on Instagram, a battery backup is a must. Therefore, it is important to have a high capacity good quality power bank that can charge your phone and various other devices multiple times.

     6. Dry snacks and fluids: A lot of riders tend to get dehydrated and motion sickness while riding and hence, it is extremely important to carry a bunch of fluids that can energize your body. You can also keep glucose sachets and digestives that can comfort your body from the changing altitudes and climates. Moreover, it can also be a task to find a decent and hygienic place to eat at, in and around remote places when hunger strikes. Hence, keeping some dry snacks can be a good idea.

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     7. A tent and a sleeping bag: The tent is a must have as you’re traveling alone and of course with a sleeping bag. These two things can help you in sleeping anywhere you like and even when you’re feeling a little tired you can use these things to rest. But always remember to carry a waterproof one, in case raining and also there is a possibility of not getting a dry surface to use the tent.

     8. The aftermath: Once you have successfully completed your ride and arrived at your destination, it is time for you to relax. You’ve earned yourself some quality time and you deserve to chill after your ride and refresh yourself. You can sip on some fine Blue label scotch or a classic yet rare Laphroaig 18 while you read a book or devour a hearty meal as your tired body revives itself. But remember, drink only after the ride is complete!

Solo bike rides are also known to be a part of a healthy lifestyle. Most of us reside in cities and are constantly exposed to a number of pollutants through water and air. A small getaway in the arms of nature where there is fresh air is an option to be considered. These rides will help you clear your mind and motivate you to fall back into your mundane routine in the right manner. A solo motorcycle tour is a quintessential way to bask yourself in the greatness of nature. Even though this list is not 100% exhaustive and there are a lot of other things to consider before you start riding, it sure gives one a basic idea about their next big adventure.