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6 Unique Home Decor Ideas for this Summer

6 Unique Home Decor Ideas for this Summer


Summer is the time for entertaining, having fun and enjoying the new and fresh home decor. It’s the perfect opportunity to play with all the bright colors you have been thinking of. Whether moving in or already living in, what you need is a beach inspired theme for your house this summer. This includes the use of bright and light inspired fabrics to lighten up your home. It is about time that you embrace a beach themed summer décor as your base. Here are 6 awesome and unique décor ideas this summer to help you out and create a new look of your home:

1. Pay attention to décor details

Details make the best of anything. In décor, details matter the most. By selecting a coastal or beach themed décor, it is important to know the details and work with them to achieve the best results.


It is about time to fill in that kitchen space or living room wall with art tea towels, graphic paintings, bright colored prints or even posters. Match that with decorative flower vases on the kitchen table and a bowl of brightly colored fruits on the kitchen counter. How about playing with contrasting colors such as kitchen floor tiles? Go ahead, for this summer, redo that kitchen. Add life and light with a comfy rug with bold patterns next to the kitchen cabinets and drape curtains on the kitchen window.

Add a welcoming duvet cover to your bed or make a switch and try out cozy blankets. This does not mean spending your summer indoors; it simply elaborates your relaxing space after a long summer day at work or in the sun.

Refresh your bathroom using blue and white colors. These are the most used hues in this season. Try out new bathroom curtains with the most interesting color patterns. This might seem uninteresting; however, it works magic every time. Also, have some matching linen for your new bathroom or shower curtain. Add some flowers on the bathroom countertops.

2. Make your outdoors magical with pendant lighting


Entertainment and parties are summer activities that many engage in without fail. These mostly move outdoors once summer sets in. It is important to select an outdoor pendant lighting that suits you. This not only sets in the summer mood but also upgrades your summer décor. To top it all, it matches your interior summer decorations with the outside and fits with what you have already at home.


Ensure your outdoor setting has comfort written all over it with comfy chairs throws and pillows for beautiful summer nights outside. Add a dining table with beach themed accessories including beaded driftwoods, rocks, adding colorful straws to jars, etc. Adding color to your summer entertainment set is the key to enjoying this summer’s outdoor setting.

3. Give your living room a beach theme


White is the best base color for a beach theme. In combination with navy details for your living room, it brings out the beach feeling in your house. Incorporate geometric furniture in your living room for a classy touch. Add flowers to the living room table under which is a matching rug. Think of drapes, heavy, beaded or even knotted for your living room windows. This adds interest and flares especially when coupled with flowy curtains.

4. Paint your garage door and set up space

Where else is the perfect spot for your outside dining and relaxing if not in front of your garage door. The garage door perfectly fitted and painted by a garage door service provides the perfect space for the evening’s dining space. Bring out the dining table and enjoy your dinner under the stars. Painting the garage door provides an enchantment that coupled with the dining tables gives that space a completely new appearance.

This can be achieved with the best garage door services which ensure the safety of the garage door. Next, plan and fit your dining table or relaxing comfy chairs to that space for your use in the evening or day time parties. Also, add some paint to your dining set with flowers, wine bottles or even wine glasses.

5. Decorative porch and front door


The porch says a lot about your home this summer. Adding some linen on the porch chairs with some colors in the mix makes it more welcoming to your guests. Adding a new bench or extra chairs with a table at the middle this summer will make your porch the place to be during the sunsets. Adding some soft pillows to the benches will guarantee comfort. Decorative green plants such as shrubs in their growing pots add green into the front porch. Some fresh summer breeze is just what you need for the summer nights at the front porch. Give your front porch the best decorative outdoor pendant lighting. To achieve the desired look, ensure to purchase one that compares with your personality, matches the other décor details on the porch and is a sight to behold.

6. Redo your fireplace

The fireplace is your focus for the summer. Since there will be no flames for months to come, it is important to redo that area and give a summer look. First of all, remove stack and position scented candles on the fireplace counter. Place a beautiful painting on the fireplace wall. In addition, try filling the fireplace with an antique piece of artwork and since it is a beach theme for the summer, use a coral shaped stone or dried fruits arrangement as a decorative piece and accessory. It will add a magical experience to whoever sets eyes on it.


Finally, summer comes and goes and decorative ideas keep changing. Achieving the best outcome within a short while and enjoy the rest of the summer is what many aim for. We ensure that you are guaranteed to achieve the best decorative details for your entire home. 

Author Bio:

Ross Geller is a working Designer and passionate writer. He enjoys writing about the latest home decor and lifestyle trends all around the globe. He has been working with Elite Garage which provides garage door repair services for some time now. Through his writing, he hopes to influence as many people as possible to help build a beautiful home and space.

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