Appam Recipe: How To Make This Delicacy?

appam recipe

Looking for delicious recipes? Food is something you crave all the time. Different meals from different places have a different vibe in themselves. They taste delicious and also tell us the story of their origin as well. Like that, there is another dish that you must try in your life. You must know about it since you are here searching for its recipe itself. Appam is originally from Kerala. You can find different varieties of Appam in Kerala and also outside of Kerala as well. Appam can be said to be the common food of the Malayali community as well. To know more, keep reading the blog and find out Appam recipe!

Appam, though it takes some time for its preparation, it is very easy to cook. If they follow the recipe, anyone can make Appam.

appam recipe

Origin of Appam

You must know already that Appam comes from Kerala. But who was it who actually came up with it? It was actually the Christian Malayali who came up with Appam. Mostly in the places of Kochi as well as Malabar. They found a replacement for the regular Dosa. And brought up puffed pancake-style Dosa, and later it got the name Appam.

How much time to prepare Appam?

It does not take much time to prepare Appam and finally serve it. But where the time goes is during the fermentation process of Appam. The yeast needs to get dissolved with the rice in order to have a perfect batter for you. And in that, most of the time goes for the fermenting process. It takes up to around 8 hours, and the total time to make the entire food is around 9 hours.

It is always advised to ferment the rice overnight. So, you can prepare and cook Appam in the morning itself. And begin your day with a delicious breakfast.

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appam recipe

How to prepare Appam?

This might look like a lot, but it is really easy to prepare Appam. So, follow the steps as you go through it.

  1. In a bowl, take a cup full of rice and put it into water.
  2. After 4 hours, the rice will become soft.
  3. Then, in a grinder, add the rice along with a cup of water in a 1:1 ratio.
  4. It should grind until a smooth texture is achieved.
  5. Along with it, add some more rice along with water and keep grinding until you achieve a smooth mix without bubbles in it.
  6. Then, you have to add coconut and rice, which have been made before.
  7. Then add it along with the mixture and also add some water to make it into a mixture again.
  8. After this, let the mixture ferment overnight or a maximum of 8 hours to have the perfect batter for your Appam.

How to cook the batter to make Appam?

Now, it is only the easy steps that you need to follow. After this, you can enjoy your delicious Appam without any worries.

  1. In the appam batter or mixture that you have prepared overnight, add a little bit of salt. Then give the batter a bit of one or three rounds of mixing with the help of a spoon.
  2. Until you mix, you can heat the pan and add some oil to heat and settle.
  3. Then, add the batter slowly and with a single spoon full of a stir. Let the mixture spread in the pan.
  4. After letting it fry and settle for some time, turn it upside down. And then shift Appam in the plate.
  5. With this, your Appam is ready to eat, and you can try it along with different side dishes.

Different side dishes for Appam

To enjoy Appam, you can try it out with several side dishes. Both veg as well as non-veg. It is your taste, and whichever you feel best, you can try it.

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Here are some of the side dishes that you can try with Appam:

  1. Vegetable Mix

For vegetarians, it is the best to try. Appam with vegetable mix can give a different feeling altogether. You need to have the perfect combination and prepare it with almost all the vegetables. The curry of the vegetable mix is sufficient to suffice with Appam and enjoy the meal.

  1. Egg Roast

Many Malayali has told us that egg roast with Appam is the best combination. The non-vegetarians especially like to eat Appam with Egg Roast. The Kerala style makes it perfect and as far as known makes the homemade food really special.

  1. Curry

This option is the best, as it leaves to you what you want to eat. You can decide on which curry you would like to eat. And then enjoy it alongside Appam. That is the best part about Appam. Any curry in itself can bring out the best of Appam.

Taste of Appam Recipe

While eating Appam, you can understand that there are many different styles of Appam. And that difference in taste comes from a different kind of preparation of batters. But once made, it can actually melt in your mouth. The sides of Appam have a crispy chunk, and as you keep eating, it is a very smooth taste. Just like Dosa but fluffy in nature.

appam recipe

Final Thoughts

Appam comes in a variety and can be tried with various dishes. If not eaten yet, you should prepare it right away and enjoy it at that very moment. You can never go wrong with the idea of preparing Appam. Just follow the steps as given and you will be able to make the best Appam for you and your family. Share this blog with those who are looking to learn the recipe of Appam! And don’t miss out on giving us a hands-down on how the recipe turned out to be!