Good Afternoon Greeting and Its Importance



Any individual who is working in an office space surrounded by co-workers often finds themselves making use of a good afternoon greeting. While on the surface, this habit may seem much like a common courtesy that an individual has for another co-worker, the roots of this good afternoon greeting lie far much deeper than one can imagine. 

Saying “Good Afternoon” to somebody is a method of communicating good wishes. At the point when you meet somebody early afternoon; it is an approach to tell them that you care for them and wish them well. It is another approach to make proper acquaintance on a perfect day.

Breakfast And Its Importance

To begin with, an average workday begins somewhere early in the morning. It is within 2 hours of arriving at your workplace that your energy starts picking up. It is at this time that you begin to function effectively; you only keep on gathering momentum from this point onwards. This can be attributed to the fact; that your early morning coffee helps you kick into action; perhaps a good breakfast is like fuel to your body along with that coffee. 

Office Place Productivity Pre and Post Noon

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Once you are wide awake and you are amicably social with your co-workers, you can be assured of reasonable levels of productivity. This productivity only keeps on increasing from this point onwards. However, this surge in energy and social happiness does not tend to last for long. 

Research has shown that most individuals who are active during the morning hours at their respective workplaces tend to peak somewhere around noon. This suggests that post noon, there is once again a decline in productivity, and sluggishness begins to set in. This isn’t really apparent until one slowly approaches lunch hours. 

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Decline in Productivity

Around the lunch hours, individuals tend to be close to their lowest. Not only has the effect of the coffee and breakfast worn out; there is also a slow and steady rise in hunger and the anticipation of the next meal that results in declining levels of productivity.

Often individuals tend to be angry and easily irritable if they are not given their meals post noon. This directly impacts social interactions as well, as people have a short fuse and a no-nonsense kind of attitude towards others.

The mind often wanders towards the thoughts of what’s available for lunch at the office canteen or what they need to go out and fetch during their lunch hours. This planning, when combined with the ever-growing hunger and the ease of distraction by looking at food and other edibles on social media, often plummets productivity in office places.

Post Lunch Blues

A decline in this productivity is not easy to solve; often, most of the workers tend to return to their usual morning peppy-selves only a few hours after having a sumptuous lunch. Thus, the only straightforward solution is to schedule an early lunch hour for most employees; so that they are charged up once again before beating the afternoon blues at its peak.

However, here too, there is a significant catch! One must be pretty aware of how the human body functions. After having a friendly and social time with workplace colleagues, gorging on good food to fill not just stomachs but their soul as well; employees tend to be reluctant to come back to their workstations and bury their heads in work. This stigma often causes them to bunk a few hours of work by arriving late; spending time at the vending machine, procrastinating, or simply trying to get in a short snooze at their desks.

It isn’t unusual; as we are programmed to get some rest after a good meal; especially in the hotter parts of the world, where a snooze after a hearty lunch shall truly rejuvenate drained-out individuals. This is a common practice in many sectors where there is serious manual labor and heavy lifting work involved in the outdoors. 

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It is here that good afternoon greetings play an important role! Just the way good morning greetings tend to bring a smile to people’s faces; good afternoon greetings shall work to rejuvenate people and once again pick up the level of social interactions in an office space.

The Necessity of Good Afternoon Greetings

It is essential as the individuals are known to be extremely slow and lethargic after lunch. Not only is a simple “Good Afternoon” a formal way to greet clients or perhaps even your boss and subordinates; but it is also a very integral way of uplifting the energy in the entire room. 

It does induce a feel-good factor in the air and does tend to motivate everyone to be a little bit more lively; also to do their work up to their full potential. Therefore, a good afternoon greeting is known to be essential for all workspaces across the globe. 

Also proven by researchers is the fact that once people are motivated sufficiently; in office spaces post noon; they tend to be very active and energetic until it is time to punch out. This does ultimately enhance productivity by leaps and bounds. More so, it also allows employees and top-level management to make some key decisions after giving due thought.

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A Good afternoon greeting is here to stay, and in the age of social media; one does not need to be physically present to even wish one another a good afternoon; rather, they can do so over social media apps and by sending uplifting messages, quotes, pictures and much more.