How to Change Your Name on Tinder?

How to Change Your Name on Tinder

Do you want to change your name on Tinder? Tinder is an online dating app that allows you to find casual and long-term dating opportunities. You can create a comprehensive profile on Tinder, sharing your work, interests, travel information, and more. However, if you’re wondering how to change your name on Tinder, the answer isn’t that simple.

Tinder doesn’t allow you to change your name from your profile, though there are some secret ways to do that. Here’s how to change your name on Tinder.

What Is Tinder?

Tinder is an online dating app that allows you to find casual and long-term dating opportunities. Released in 2012, Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world, with over 75 million active monthly users and 6.2 million paid subscribers. Tinder is available in over 190 countries. It is banned in Pakistan and a few other countries.

Can You Change Your Name on Tinder?

Tinder mentions clearly in its help section that users can’t change their name and age after creating a profile. So, technically, you can’t change the name on your profile after creating it.

But what if you made a spelling mistake and wrote Jonhy instead of Johny? Or what if you decided to change your government name from Matt to Timothy? In such cases, you’d want to change your Tinder name too.

So, is there a way to change your name on Tinder? The next section shares some proven ways to do that.

How to Change Your Name on Tinder: Simple Steps

Tinder doesn’t let you change your name, but don’t let that disappoint you. We will share a couple of effective ways to change your Tinder name. Here are two proven methods to change your name on Tinder.

Change Your Facebook Name

Though Tinder doesn’t allow you to change your name, Facebook does. And since Tinder extracts data from your Facebook profile, changing your Facebook name will automatically change your Tinder name. Here are the steps to follow to change your name on Facebook.

  • Open your Facebook account on the mobile app or browser. Though this method works on all platforms and devices, the location of buttons and options could change based on your device.
  • Go to the menu or options section. If you’re using the mobile app, you can do this by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner. A list of options will appear.
  • Click on Settings & Privacy and then on Account Settings. An Account Settings section will open up, where you’ll find various options, like Personal Information, Translation for Posts, Ads Payments, Facebook Pay, etc.
  • Click on Personal Information. This is the section where you can update your name, phone number, and other personal information.
  • Click on Name and enter your new name. You’ll need to enter your password to confirm the changes. Once you do that, your name will be changed.
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After following these steps, your Tinder name should be updated. Please note that this method doesn’t have a 100% success rate, though it works most times. When you change your FB name, log out of your Tinder account and log back in to see if the name is changed. If it doesn’t happen, wait for a week and repeat the same thing. If nothing changes, move to the next step.

Delete Your Account and Create a New One

The previous method works for most people, but you could be one of the few unlucky ones for which it doesn’t work. Also, you may not want to change your FB information or have different names on FB and Tinder. In such cases, you can use the second method, which is to delete your Tinder account and create a new one.

This method has a bunch of pros and cons. The benefits of this method are that you don’t need to change anything in your Facebook account. You can keep it as it is while having the desired name on your Tinder account. You also don’t need to play the guessing game, as this method will work 100%. Last, you can keep your old Tinder account as well by creating a new Tinder account.


The drawback of this method is that you will lose your boosts and other purchased goods if you delete your account. Hence, we recommend creating a new Tinder account instead of deleting your existing one and recreating it. Though Tinder allows you to restore your subscriptions, it’s a tedious process.

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Therefore, it’s always better to create a separate Tinder profile instead of playing around with your existing one.

Beware of Blocked Access and Bans

Tinder is a bit aggressive when it comes to blocking and banning user profiles, especially if they try to play around with the privacy policy or exploit the algorithm. Over the years, Tinder has blocked and shadowbanned a plethora of accounts, so you never know when your account comes on their hit list. Since changing your name is a violation of their terms policy, they will likely take action against your account.

Creating a new account, however, is a safe technique as long as you don’t exploit their privacy policy. If you try using a fake name and people report you for suspicious behavior, you may receive a ban.

Some Alternatives to Tinder

If you can’t find a way to update your name on Tinder, you could consider using a different dating app. Thanks to the rise of online dating, there are hundreds of dating apps available. Here are some Tinder alternatives you can try if the name changing methods don’t work.

  • OkCupid Dating
  • Happn
  • Bumble
  • eHarmony
  • Hinge
  • Skout

Please note that these platforms don’t support name change either. So, be sure to enter the right name.

Wrap Up: How to Change Your Name on Tinder?

Tinder is one of the most popular dating platforms worldwide, but like other dating platforms, it doesn’t let you change your name. But there are a few ways around it. You can change your Facebook profile or create a new Tinder account. However, be aware of the risk of a ban, especially if you violate the privacy policy.