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Kanye West Father

The world-famous rapper Kanye West, also known as Ye is constantly in the news due to his controversial actions and statements. It’s no news that his relationship with his ex-wife has been one of the reasons he’s controversial. But apart from that, we only know his career.

Do you know of his family? Probably not. The singer and record producer is very famous for his art, but personal things about him are barely talked about. Whether his opinions and actions are right or not is not something we’re going to comment on. You can judge him for yourself. But if you want to know about Kanye West’s early life, Kanye West Father, keep reading.

Kanye West Father

Kanye West Wiki

In case you have only heard the name, Kanye West in the tabloids, let us tell you about him. Kanye, born as Kanye Omari West is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. Yes, the man is immensely successful and thus, always a topic of controversy.

He is truly one of the most successful music artists in the world. West has sold over one hundred sixty million records. His net worth of two billion dollars is proof that talent, hard work, and determination can really do wonders for you. Let’s take a look at his early life.

Kanye West Early Life

Kanye was born on June 8th, 1977. That makes him forty-five years of age as of 2022. Where he was born is unknown but we do know that he was raised in a middle-class suburb of Oak Lawn, Illinois.

Kanye’s career took a turn towards his future success in 2000 when he gained popularity as a producer for Roc-A-Fella Records. His studio debut album, The College Dropout, released in 2004, was the first of the many successes he would see.

Kanye West Father

Kanye West Father

Kanye was born to his father Ray West and his mother Donda West. Unfortunately, not a lot is being talked about by Ray West. Many believe this is because Ye might not have had a great relationship with his father. Kanye has repeatedly talked about his mother, Donda West which has made it evident how great of a relationship he had with his mother. But what people don’t know is that he has an equally great relationship with his father. Before we tell you about the father-son relationship, let us tell you about Ray West and his life.

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Kanye is lucky to be a son to parents who have done impactful work in their lives. Ray West has had multiple professions, but one thing he has always been a kind person. He started his career as a photojournalist and captured many famous faces like those of Maya Angelou and Ralph David Abernathy. Other than this, he has worked as a marriage counselor and a store owner.

As we have mentioned before, Kanye West Father has always been a kind man. Ray founded his own charity, the God Water foundation, in the Dominican Republic. And despite having such a successful son, Ray decided to stay in a homeless shelter. This decision was made to support the ex-drug addicts who were living in the homeless shelter. A lot of people claim to donate to charities and help people in need. But only a few really do. The fact that Ray West personally looks into the lives of these people who need help is commendable.

Ray West has been an advocate for social justice. He was a member of the Black Panthers Party in the 60s and 70s.

Ray married Donda West and they had Kanye West in 1977. Ray and Donda raised Ye as a family for three years but then divorced in 1980. This led to Donda being a single mother and raising Ye almost alone. But she did get financial help from Ray in raising Ye. And despite living primarily with his mother, Kanye spent Ye summers with his father.

Many don’t think Kanye has a great relationship with his father because he hasn’t been very vocal about it. People have hardly see him publicly talk about his father. But very recently, Kanye has talked about how his father supported him when the whole world has criticized his “White Lives Matter” moment.

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Kanye, in his recent fashion show, had his models walk wearing clothes with the slogan, “White Lives Matter”. And obviously, people did not like it. The ones against Kanye’s actions have expressed that a public action like that is insensitive to the Black Lives Matter movement. Besides, the public is more shocked as Kanye is a black man himself. To see a black man not stand by the Black Lives Matter movement is quite surprising.

But despite all the backlash, Kanye West faced recently, his father, Ray had supported him. Ray apparently thought the controversy over the fashion show was funny and that “A Black man was stating the obvious”. Kanye has stated that by doing exactly what he wanted to, he has made his father proud.

Kanye West Father

Final Thoughts

A lot is said about Kanye West’s career, his relationship with Kim Kardashian, and his controversial statements. But not much is said about his relationship with his father. Hence, we hope to have given you some interesting information about Kanye West Father. He is a very big part of Ye’s life and still influences his actions. Whether his and his father’s views about social issues and politics are right or wrong is for you to judge. We just hope you now know the man and his father a little better. What did you think of Kanye West Father and our article on him? Tell us in the comments below.