Looking For Diamond Engagement Rings? Learn About How They Get Measured

Looking For Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for the best stone for your engagement ring, then diamonds would be on the top list. It’s a favorite among brides and comes in various shapes and sizes too,

Worried about the diamond’s size and weight? How would you know the value of a diamond? How can you measure a diamond in the most accurate way possible?

Before purchasing anything, it helps to know how diamonds are being measured. Read below to learn more about a diamond’s measure and weight.

Why the Quality of a Diamond Affects Its Price

You’ll find engagement and wedding rings Vancouver shops offering different diamond ring prices. Diamonds are being priced according to their value. A diamond’s value depends on its weight, color, and clarity. Here weight and measurement are in focus.

Experts are the ones who weigh and measure diamonds. This is because the test should be precise and done with skill. There are plenty of ways that diamond experts measure diamonds.

How Experts Are Weighing Diamonds

Diamonds and carats go hand in hand. This is because a carat is a diamond’s measure of weight. Professionals make use of a weighing machine to get a precise number or carat of a diamond.

  • A 1-carat diamond is about 0.20 Grams
  • Diamond sizes use millimeters and length by width in measurements
  • Diamonds are being weighed to the nearest 0.01-Carat
  • A 0.01-Gram weight is okay for low-value stones
  • Weighing machines use grams and can also alternate to carats

Getting the Proper Measurements of a Diamond

Weight is different from measurements and this is where some may get confused. A diamond is not all carat. There are other factors that affect its value. Experts use diamond gauges to get an accurate measurement of the diamond’s dimensions. One thing to note is that measuring the dimensions will not give the precise weight of the stone. The diamond should undergo the right weighing process.

  • Some use gauges printed on a micro-film
  • Some also use dgi-loupe gauges, those mounted unto a 10X loupe
  • Calipers are also in use to measure the depth and diameter of the diamond
  • Experts also use a digital micrometer to calculate the diamond’s weight
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What Your Diamond Engagement Ring’s Value Should Be

You’d look at your diamond engagement ring with high regard. This is because of your emotional attachment to it. But when it comes to the actual value, there is more than its recorded weight and the measurement. Consider the 4Cs and other factors too when determining the diamond’s physical value. Knowing how diamonds are being measured can give you an idea of how much you’ll be paying for them.