Math Boy Fly: Why Is The Musician Accused?

math boy fly

Math Boy fly: Most musicians are known for the songs they make or sing. The same goes for any other artist. But some are known more for the crimes they commit. And oftentimes, we fail to see the reality of these musicians we glorify. Just because someone is an amazing musician, it doesn’t erase their crimes.

Math Boy Fly is one such musician. Well, to be precise, he likes to call himself a rapper. He has some released music, but that is not what made him famous. What made him famous was an incident in November 2021. He ended up killing and injuring numerous people and is currently awaiting trial. If you wish to know more about Math Boy Fly and what he did, keep reading.

Who is Math Boy Fly?

Math Boy Fly is another name of Darrell Edward Brooks Jr. He is currently thirty-nine to forty years of age. Darrell, the aka Math Boy Fly, grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Speaking of education, he did not attend college. But sources say that he was a very good student in high school. Nothing is known about the Math Boy Fly family. He had not released any information regarding his parents or any possible siblings. Math Boy Fly doesn’t mean having a wife either.

According to his sound cloud description, Math Boy Fly is a rapper who had to go through a lot of struggles growing up. He had been involved in illegal activities since he was young. It is not a surprise that he would end up causing a massacre even at thirty-nine, but that doesn’t make things better. People were killed and injured on November 21st, 2021, at the Waukesha Christmas Parade. Darrell was responsible for everything that happened.

math boy fly

Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre

On November 21st, 2021, things were happening as usual at the Waukesha Christmas Parade when a car came in, hitting pedestrians randomly. No one knew the driver, and neither did the driver know anyone there. The driver was Darrell, aka Math Boy Fly. He had suddenly driven at the location of the parade and driven his car in a zigzag way killing six people and fatally injuring sixty-two. Investigations reveal that Math Boy Fly did not have specific victims in mind. He just wanted to hit as many people as possible. Moreover, minutes before committing this massacre, he had been engaged in a domestic disturbance. The police suspected that he had been driving away from the former place before the police got to him. However, he was not being chased by the authorities. No one was after him, but he still drove recklessly and hit multiple innocent people.

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Further investigation revealed that Darrell was high while driving. It is not news that Darrell was a stoner. He had proudly said that publicly as well. But the rapper had been driving when he was high and had caused a lot of damage. The police came to that conclusion because he reportedly smelled of cannabis. Besides, his eyes were red like the way anyone’s is when they are high. But this was a mere justification as to why he would be willing to do something that dangerous. It did not excuse his crimes.

Speaking of his other crimes, Darrell was actually known for a lot of other illegal activities. For instance, he had been charged with domestic abuse and jumping bail. In fact, just a couple of days before the Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre, he was charged with two counts of domestic abuse that he had committed against his girlfriend. The man truly did not know when or how to stop.

More reports have shown that Math Boy Fly supported the crimes of Hitler. At least online, he has been seen to support Hitler and his killing of Jews. There are abundant proofs that hint toward Math Boy Fly being anti-Semitic. However, whether that is the reason behind bus crimes is unknown. One cannot come to such a conclusion based on online statements. But people seem to believe that Math Boy Fly indeed had a lot of hate and anger inside him. He even talks about violence in his raps unabashedly. Hence, it is hard to believe that he did not intend to kill and harm people.

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When court proceedings were carried out, Darell pleaded not guilty. He is still in custody, and there are going to be further proceedings regarding the case.

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Was Math Boy Fly struggling mentally?

Darrell’s mother has said that Darrell suffers mentally. She believes that her son committed the crimes that he did because of his mental illness. While that reasoning cannot be ruled out, it still can’t excuse his crimes. Hence, only a court of law can decide what his sentence should be.

His mother also tried to say that since there was a lack of money, Darrell could not afford treatment for his mental illnesses. A mother releasing such statements to defend her son is not surprising. Perhaps she just wants her son to get a chance at living a healthy life. But due to the crimes he has committed, her wishes might not come true.

math boy fly

Final Thoughts

Coming to the end of this article, we hope that the people who lost their lives at the Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre get justice. Even the ones who got injured deserve the same amount of justice. Whether Math Boy Fly will get an appropriate sentence or not is unknown. A lot of things are there that can affect the case. If you want to know more about the rapper’s career, check out his music. And if you were curious about his criminal record, we hope you read about that here.

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