Quotes by Taylor Swift To Motivate Yourself!

quotes by taylor swift

One must be a huge fan of Taylor Swift if looking for such a blog! Such an inspiring artist that she takes away the breath of all just with her mesmerizing voice. But today it seems you are here to learn more than about Taylor Swift. This time it is about quotes by Taylor Swift, isn’t it? Very well, you can find answers to your questions and doubts clearly in this blog. So, read through the blog carefully as you read along!

Taylor has always written songs by herself and her voice itself has the power that no one can beat. You might think that no one is the biggest fan of Taylor Swift than you but that might just be true. Taylor Swift lives in the heart of many and no one can ever say they don’t love her. That is quite close to impossible! You can always be happy to know that Taylor Swift has been the most listened-to artist throughout the years. And as the years pass by, her quality songs keep on increasing and keeps on making the space in the heart of her fans.

Here are the quotes by Taylor Swift that you must have heard of before or will learn about it now:

I’m intimidated by the fear of being average

You can imagine this Taylor Swift so well. She can say these true words and always made sure she was not at all average. It is her work that has always been better than anyone’s and her real works as well. She has never left her audience out in the blue and made something out of the box. That is what makes her more impressive than any other artist in the music industry.

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If you’re lucky enough to be different, never change

Here, Taylor Swift proves that she is different from the other artists in the music industry. She has always been remarkable and never loses her stage. What she has got is a different voice and a power to woo others with her amazingly mesmerizing voice. You are also among one them who is mesmerized by it. And of course, who will not be. This quote of Taylor Swift tells others as well that being different does no harm in any way and you can be unique in your own way. And can charm anyone.

People haven’t always been there for me, but music always has

Well, for a singer it is always the music that comes first. In her life, the quote shows how much struggle she had to go through. And throughout that journey of hers, only music has been her true and real friend, being beside her. Many came and many went but one thing remained constant. And thus, music is her life as well as her journey. If we imagine right now, music will always be the first priority and others would come next. And people or as we should say her fans, embrace her for her love for music itself.

I know my flaws before others point them out to me

Once specialty should be knowing what is missing in them, instead of thinking about what is missing from others. And Taylor Swift very well knows how to understand what she lacks and then she tends to work on it. That is something very impressive and is not much seen in someone. Taylor Swift has always been the worth it lady and proved she never lacked anything just by finding out and embracing her own flaws rather than letting someone else point at her.

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I never want to change so much that people can’t recognize me

Something very special that Taylor had in her mind. She must have thought it thoroughly and then only spoke out these words. Taylor has said really true words and it is very sure, that you understood what she meant. Taylor will always be a part of her old self. It is not a bad thing to change yourself but if in the way of changing yourself, you lose yourself then that is not at all okay. Because your old self only helps to build the new you and if that is lost then people whom you know might stop recognizing you as well.

Poetry and Lyrics are very similar. Making words bounce of a page

You might not realize but actually, there is not so much of a difference between poetry and lyrics. Both have inner meaning and bring peace to a person’s mind. They can bring a lot of change in someone and will also play a big part in moving someone’s heart. Poetry and Lyrics have the same characteristics as well as the same effects on everyone and also have as much power on someone. You can never stop admiring both poetry and lyrics as both have equal value and meaning within them.

quotes by taylor swift

Final Thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! You must have learned a lot about quotes by Taylor Swift. Must have brought a lot of things to your notice and you must also have felt moved by her quotes. There are many quotes by Taylor Swift that you must learn about and each will inspire you in a different way. We are pretty sure she had a lot of deep meanings behind it and one must be aware of the quotes used by her.

If you haven’t read about the quotes by Taylor Swift, then already gone through them. You must learn more and more and also be inspired by it. If your friends don’t know then share this blog with them so they can know about the quotes by Taylor Swift!