Rahim Grant: Did Harp Actually Kill Her Husband?

Rahim Grant

Are you curious about the Atlanta rapper who made a video of his murder as well? Then you have come to the right place, as our blog will help you in knowing some of the details about this rapper and how he ended up being murdered in the first place. So, let us not waste any more time and scroll down this blog for more details about Rahim Grant.

Rahim Grant

Who is Rahim Grant?

Not many people knew who Rahim Grant was before he got murdered. His weird and interesting murder case got him famous. The next moment it made people curious about who he is and where he was from.

Rahim Grant is a songwriter, producer, and artist. He was also known to be a rapper, as one will be able to see on his social media various posts of him rapping. This rapper was born in the year of 1989 in Georgia. Music interested him when his age was three and a half. His music career is known to have started with him playing drums. He moved to the mic later.

When he was seven years old, he was known to be on a TV show. The show goes by the name ‘Showtime at the Apollo.’ This shows us that he was pretty much interested in music since his childhood days.

Harp was not known for carrying a good history. She had a bad past, and she had also gotten kicked out of the school for stabbing. Harp and Grant went into a romantic relationship soon later, and soon Harp became pregnant. In the year 2014, on the month of November, their daughter was born. They named their daughter Angel Grant. Rahim and Harp split up soon later, but Rahim was a dedicated father to his daughter.

How did Rahim Grant and Harp meet?

Rahim Grant is known to be a very famous rapper, but he was also known to be a recording engineer and was music producer as well. He established himself when he was in his 20s only. He was a hip-hop artist and was also a well-known producer at that age. In the year of 2013, Harp and Grant met. Harp asked Grant for his autograph, and she further asked him for a job. Grant was good and generous enough as he also gave her a job. Harp was known to have a troubled and disturbing life. Their professional career soon turned into a romantic relationship, and they even had a daughter and named her Angel Grant.

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Rahim Grant

Rahim Grant- How did he die?

After Grant’s death, this was the most hyped-up topic on the Internet. People started making various TikTok videos as well on these. The biggest question lies here answered, and that is- Rahim Grant was shot to death by Harp. The worst thing about this is that he was shot to death in front of his daughter. If you want to know more details, scroll down the blog, and get all the details.

Harp has shot Grant 7 times, and that is what is the worst thing about this case. Moreover, Grant was shot in front of his little kid. Grant wished to hold his little daughter one last time before his death, but he was not allowed to. Harp was known to have a very bad past and she was known to be abusive as well. This was said by Harp’s uncle, who goes by the name Ted Thurmond. He said to Atlanta NBC that she had gone through physical, mental as well as emotional abuse.

More Details Revealed

Grant loved his daughter and he became a great dad as well when he had her. He treasured her and loved her like anything. He decided to keep loving her and kept her after he split up with Harp.

In the year 2017, Grant was said to have been planning an extensive tour, and it is said that Harp was staying with him at that time. Harp was kicked out of her place of living which is why she was staying with him.

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Their professional relationship ended soon later, and they started to have a romantic relationship. But Harp was going erratic, and she started to throw tantrums. Grant’s mother told him to record any quarreling or arguing he had with her on his cell phone.

Harp said that Grant has been abusive towards her and that he has beaten her. She further said that Grant had been beater her for years. The day Grant was shot, Harp said that she was being beaten by him, and she fell to the floor when the knife came out of her ankle. She further said Grant stabbed her with that knife. She said in her defense that at that moment, she took Grant’s gun and started shooting at him for protection. Later, she ran away with her daughter.

Rahim Grant

The death video of Rahim Grant

Harp ran to the neighbor after she shot Rahim Grant and said that she was being stabbed. After further investigation, a video was found on Rahim’s phone. In that video, it could be seen that Harp was yelling at Rahim and was telling how he abused her. Later she shot her several times. The victim, Grant, could be seen wanting to hug his daughter one last time, and he is not allowed that as well.

Final Thoughts

I hope you like our blog and find it relevant to the search that you have made. Harp is serving her time in prison presently, and she has been imprisoned for 125 years for murder. Her mother stated that she is manipulative and asked to sterilize her, so she no longer has babies. This case shook everyone, and Harp was hated a lot for her actions. She is still loathed by some of Grant’s fans.