Sugar Alternatives for Coffee To Rejuvenate You

Sugar Alternatives for Coffee

Tired after work? Stressed with client calls? Couldn’t complete your household chores? Exhausted with the landscaping sound in your yard? Well, for all these, an instant sigh of relief can be a sip into your coffee!! Then again, your daily calorie intake keeps ticking too, but even with all this, there is no way you can leave your stress-buster. So to keep having your stress-buster, you would have to keep your calorie count calm, but how? Sugar alternatives for coffee can rescue you.

Have you already started grinning? Well, wait till we finish our article, and you go start shopping or simply head towards the kitchen counter! The segment below will tell you everything you need to know and how they happen to be the best sugar alternatives for you. Let’s check them out!

10 Best Sugar Alternatives That Go Perfectly With Coffee!

The mass is turning out to be more and more conscious about their health, specifically after COVID has created havoc. So, people are frantically looking for foods that do not harm their health and keep them healthy.

And one of the major destructors that we consume is sugar! But it’s such an important ingredient, and we wouldn’t be able to consume our favorite foods. However, there is always an alternative that comes to rescue us. And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in the segment below.

So, let’s not waste any more time in finding out what the superb alternatives for sugar that gel well with coffee are:

1.Vanilla Extract

Amazed, are you? Wondering why extracts are only for desserts? Well, no! After quite a bit of research, I’ve concluded that vanilla extract naturally has a sweetness present in it, which overall makes this a perfect combination with coffee.

Plus, the superb aroma gels perfectly with the coffee-bean fragrance. So, don’t wait a minute after you’ve read this line. Try it out and let us know in the comment section below.

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Coffee With Butter


Don’t think we’re coming out of the blues! Butter can be a great alternative to sugar. The flavor you get in your coffee with butter is sure to rejuvenate you in no time. Try this out in the morning before you are about to work, and we’re sure you’ll simply fall in love with it anytime.

Butter’s healthy fats are good for you and can boost you up and turn your boring day into something exciting.

3.Ground Cinnamon

Again, the notion that ground cinnamon only tastes great in your apple pies is wrong. Cinnamon has a fantastic aroma and complements the strong fragrance coffee has. The amalgamation of both these aromas gels up fantastically and can make you drool at any time. Try it, and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Coffee with Molasses


We all know that sugar has a wonderful by-product which is molasses. And this can rejuvenate you yet would not add much to your calorie count as well. So, add half a teaspoon of molasses to get the sweet flavor and enjoy your cup of coffee any time of the day.


We often think honey is too sweet and can increase our blood sugar levels massively. But you’d be wrong if you think in this direction. Honey is produced naturally and is sold by some companies in the purest form. And if you have it in the purest form, there is no way it will leave an ill effect on your health.

Of course, I’m not sure about people who consume honey in huge amounts because that is sure to sprout up your calorie intake in no time. But something in moderation can always be a great option.

6.Maple Syrup

Looking for the best alternatives of sugar for coffee, well, then maple syrup can be your choice. It doesn’t only taste great with your ice cream, but it tastes superb with coffee as well.

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However, it’s always my advice not to add large amounts of this into your coffee. I would advise you this solely because the entire taste and aroma of coffee beans would be destroyed.

Half a teaspoon would definitely complement your favorite beverage.

7.Sea Salt

I’m sure you must be wondering; I am talking in my sleep! Well, no! Sea salt is definitely not going to make your coffee sweet. However, the salty flavor will work with the taste of your coffee and enhance it, which will make the taste of the coffee sweet. Your jaw has probably dropped by now!! Hasn’t it?

Coffee with dates


Dates are a super fruit! It helps you in your weight loss process and keeps you absolutely healthy and fit. So, why not make use of this fruit’s natural sweetness. Plus, it doesn’t have a very strong taste, which makes it perfect for you to have it with your coffee.

So, this time you are tired and are wondering if you should have your fourth cup of coffee or not, don’t hesitate!!


People who are on a diet plan probably have an idea about stevia! A natural sweetener that has a relatively low-calorie count. So, go ahead and consume this with your coffee, and we’re sure you’ll have your daily kcal intake on-spot.

10.Cocoa Powder (Unsweetened)

Well, the last one is a bomber! Cocoa powder has a strong taste itself, and so does coffee. Both these tastes blend beautifully into each other, bringing your tastebuds a delightful taste. Plus, the properties present in cocoa powder are superb – all of which make it absolutely great for your health overall.

Final Thoughts

So, we would quickly conclude because you are probably already headed to the kitchen counter to make yourself a cup of steaming coffee. Add any of the ingredients right now but do try each of them; and do let us know which one turned out to be your favorite!!