The Best Home Security Tips for Keeping Burglars Away

Best Home Security Tips


The fear of getting robbed is a valid fear for all homeowners. They want to make sure that they live in complete security and they are protected against all burglaries and robbers in the area. Because getting robbed is a very traumatic experience that nobody wants to live. And sometimes relive it. In this article, you will find 10 simple and best home security tips that will save you from possible burglaries.

In order to precisely target this issue, the market is flooded by many home security solutions that you can install on your own in your house. However, you also have the option to hire A home security company that will have an in-depth analysis of your house and will offer you a customized security solution that targets this.

But when a homeowner goes to the market, they are clueless about their options and how they can approach different types of options that are available to them. This article will primarily serve as an informational piece for all homeowners to have a basic overview of home security in today’s world.

Secure the doors

There is no doubt but the first thing that comes to home security is making sure that all the doors in the house, especially the external doors are secured and locked. If these doors are flimsy or do not have any security installed on them, they will be the first passageway for unwanted people in your house who will Rob you of your peace and valuables.

Do you want to hear an interesting fact? I suppose if you do all the burglaries that happen in your area, 34% all the burglars use the front door to let themselves into the property. Here you might be thinking that homeowners must be really stupid that they did not make sure that the front door is properly secured. Or even you might be judging the burglars that they use the front door to let themselves in. But in this case the burglars are not stupid but the homeowners are because they did not take the right precautions.

So how can you secure all of your doors in the house?

The first process in securing the doors is when you are installing them. You should make sure that all the doors are made up of solid wood that should stand any kind of external pressure. You can even install metal doors and cover them up with wooden sheets. These types of doors not only look the same as wooden doors which means that you do not have to compromise on the aesthetic beauty of the house but these are much stronger doors and can withstand any kind of attack.

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Secondly, you can check all of the bolts, door frames, the fringes. You should make sure that these things are protected and properly inspected.

Thirdly, now you can move onto the sophisticated home security solutions. Some of these solutions include installing smart locks. Smart Locks the most advanced types of locks are available in the market. These have electrical and physical components. Which means that it has double security. You can also install a deadbolt and strike plate to your front door. And Lastly you can utilize the services of a video doorbell which means that whenever somebody is at your door you can see their face and decide whether you want to let them in or not.

Lock the windows

The second most susceptible and vulnerable place that can be used by unwanted people to let themselves in your house are the windows. But many homeowners and home builders do not pay the right attention towards making sure that this component is properly 100% safe. Usually, you will see that the default windows that are installed have very weak latches and not so great frames.

As soon as you move into your new home, you should make sure that all the latches and the locks on the windows should be replaced with solid locks that have good ratings. Secondly, you should make sure that the glasses on these windows should be taken off so that if somebody strikes, these glasses should not come off very easily. 

However, you can also take other very high technology and sophisticated measures for your windows. The first being that you can reinforce the glass of your windows with windows security film. Secondly, you can install window glass break sensors that will alert the authorities as soon as somebody breaks the glass. It will also alert you and allow you time to secure yourself. You can also install window bars that are made up of steel giving them the strength against all types of burglars. And Lastly you can plant prickly bushes around your ground floor windows so that anybody who tries to approach these windows are warded off quickly.

While all the tips that have been mentioned are very useful and important but these are very local tips and tricks. If you want to have a complete sense of security you should always go for burglar alarm services providers.

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Change the locks when you moving to a new home. 

If you are a new to your new rental home, ask the landlord to change the locks if they have not already done so. Even if an old tenant has turned in all the keys, you can’t be sure if other copies have been made and distributed. It’s better to err on the side of caution, especially when it comes to a stranger being able to walk into your locked house.

Consider purchasing a home security system

There are infinite points with any safety system, and some particularly treasured ones encompass outdoors action detectors, sensors at exterior doors, windows, and the door attached to the garage, an outdoor alarm to alert different neighbors of a break-in, and security cameras. Choose the facets that fine go well with your desires and make certain you go with a well-known, reputable neighborhood security system installer. Once it’s installed, get in the addiction of the usage of it regularly. While it may additionally seem inconvenient to have to turn on the system each time you leave the house, many burglars understand that this accountability is frequently neglected and will not be deterred by using window stickers or yard signs warning about domestic security.

Do your exceptional to instruct your family about the protection device to limit the variety of false alarms. After all, these can end result in high-priced fines, no longer to point out the annoyance of your neighbors. In addition, you don’t desire a “who-did-dry-wolf” impact where your neighbors eventually examine to ignore your alarm when it goes off! 

Keep your expensive things out of sight

Don’t be flashy with your pricey items. Outside, maintain your tools, bikes and other easy-to-grab gadgets locked up or safe in the garage when you’re no longer using them. Inside, use window treatments like curtains or blinds to stop passers-by from casing your home. 


Residential burglary and break-ins may never truly disappear from society, but the threat of them should not cause you to live your life in fear. Take these simple measures to secure your home, and reduce the chances of a crook even looking twice at your home. These are the most important tips for every home owner to secure your home form burglars.