The Importance of A Wedding Planner In The Modern Hectic Lives

The Importance of A Wedding Planner In The Modern Hectic Lives

Today, with life at 100 per hour, focused on work and thousands of other things, it becomes essential to call on a wedding planner in any self-respecting wedding. These experts will help you organize everything related to your wedding and will be attentive to the smallest details so that you can enjoy your big day without thinking about the unforeseen events that may occur. For this, we give you 5 steps to follow to do well and know how to choose the perfect wedding planner for your wedding.

Step 1) Start the search for the Wedding planner

Step 2) Know your options

Step 3) Personal Interview

Step 4) Know your work method and your budget

Step 5) Find out if this is your perfect wedding planner

Looking for the best and the most professional planner

Finding the perfect wedding planner for your big day is a key step that will determine the success of the day. Above all do not neglect this step! To find someone you trust and depend on, you need to keep a few things in mind

Enhance your needs

Have you always dreamed of a wedding worked in the least detail, with a particular style, and with a very personal touch? You must keep in mind that this day will come once in your life and that everything you desire must be heard, within the limits of your budget.

Types of services

When searching, it is fundamental to look in detail at the type of service they offer and whether it fits your needs. Integral organization as its name suggests, it is the complete organization of the marriage and from the advice and management of suppliers, through the decoration of the wedding, the collection of his and her’s wedding rings, until the coordination of D Day.

Tips from suppliers are that if you do not know where to start, they will help you choose the rest of the suppliers by selecting the ones that match your tastes and style.

Decoration, do you want us to remember your wedding for exclusive details? Well, you can hire a wedding planner to personalize every detail of your place of celebration.

Coordination Day D To be calm whatever happens and make sure that the different suppliers are coordinated.

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Research on the Internet

The best way to find the most recommended wedding planner will undoubtedly be through internet wedding portals where you will find a wide range of possibilities depending on the area where you are getting married and all those working all over the country.

Evaluate your budget

Between the elements in which your budget will be divided, you must leave an important place for the wedding planner. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for organizing your entire event and that a portion of the budget will be spent on its services.

Create a list of favorites

After the search, make a list of wedding planners that you prefer and that is best suited to your style. It is necessary to do it in advance and do this research as soon as you have the date of the wedding so that we can guide you with all the preparations.

Personal interview

It is important to know if you have the opportunity to arrange a personal interview with them, to know their services first hand. This is important, especially if you live abroad or in a different city from the wedding planner. In this case, you can do it by video call or phone.

Exclusive number of weddings in a day

If you have made your choice and you have decided with which you want to work, it is time to know his workload and how many marriages he coordinates per day. Indeed, it can happen that he takes care of several weddings on the same day.

During the interview, you will know how he or she will organize and work with you throughout the process. It is essential that you can be coordinated with him or her throughout the organization, as we are talking about several months of work.

Explain your needs

It’s time to tell him everything you want and needs for your wedding. What do you think, what style do you like best, how do you want to coordinate, in short, all your questions and concerns.


At that moment, you will realize if it is the right person to organize your wedding. Having a good relationship with your wedding planner is essential since you will spend a lot of time with it and it will know everything about you and your loved ones.

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Calendar to follow

It’s a very methodical and creative work at the same time. You must have a schedule well established by the wedding planner so that you can achieve the “homework” he has assigned to you at the appropriate time. For example take care of the organization of the guests, the file of proposals of the decoration of the marriage, the visits agreed with the suppliers, etc.

Do you have a supplier catalog?

Many wedding planners have relationships with other vendors with whom they work. It is better to know if they are of quality and if the wedding planner takes a commission to offer the services of these providers. If not, the wedding planner may not work in the usual way with suppliers and then choose the ones that best match your proposal.

Budget and extras

To know in detail the budget established with the wedding planner is undoubtedly the most important thing in the establishment of a contractual relation. It is necessary that you have clearly defined the price of each service, to know if certain details are excluded, for example, flowers, sweets, etc.

Find out if this is your perfect wedding planner

Ask for recommendations, especially if someone around you has used their services. See if he or she meets the requirements you have raised when you chose him if it fits your budget if he/she gives you original ideas geared to your needs, in short, if he/she does everything to put in place what you are looking for.

Finally, do not forget to know if she will be with you on your D Day or if it will be a team that will be divided to accommodate several weddings at a time. Because choosing a good wedding planner is the best choice if you want your wedding to be as you dreamed while staying as Zen as possible!