This TikTok Trend is Not Good for Immigration Lawyers

TikTok Trend is Not Good

During the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of physical activities have been moved online. Consulting with immigration lawyers was not exempted. While this was a good opportunity to find new avenues to reach more people who need their services, a TikTok trend has surfaced and it has the potential to cause more harm than cure. Let’s see TikTok trend is not good for immigration lawyers.

Attorneys debated on the ethical boundaries and overarching promises that other lawyers posted on their accounts in order to promote and market their services. In this article we will look at what is the current reality and implications of this trend.

The Current Situation

There are immigrants who have some issues like illegal entry, overstaying, or may have had a criminal conviction which disqualifies them from applying for a green card. These are often vulnerable individuals who can be victimized by unlicensed legal consultants.

These illegal consultants use TikTok to promote misleading services. Vulnerable individuals see this as a light at the end of the tunnel, but sadly, most of the time, the offerings of these unlicensed legal consultants are too good to be true.

What are the Common Signs for This Trend

These types of videos have common things going for them. They are often bilingual in order to reach their target audience. They also play a mariachi song or a reggaeton beat in the background. The lawyer may also be seen dancing with or flashing work permits and with that show a text that encourages the viewer to schedule a consultation with them.

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They often also have the hashtag #arreglar sinclair which means to fix without leaving that implies an easy way to obtain a legal status. Sadly, this hashtag has topped over 1 million views on the said social media platform.

Oftentimes, these videos also guarantee employment within six months and a green card within two years. Some even go as far as saying that other immigration lawyers cannot do what they do. They also use the phrase “you deserve your papers” to further attract clients.

In a sense, their videos promise to solve any type of immigration problem. This is where the problem comes in because if the viewer is not familiar with the immigration law, they can be misled and they may become victims of deception.

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These types of videos cause alarm for legal practitioners because it is hard to really tell if a person is qualified to get a green card or a work visa. There is no silver bullet for all problems. Lawyers are careful to point out that without clear evidence and proof of the effectiveness of their services, immigrants should be wary of availing their services.


Immigration law is a difficult practice because the law itself has a lot of complications and is very difficult to navigate around. To be sure, an immigrant should be aware of the legality of the service they are getting.

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