Various Ways to Add Shine and Gloss in Your Mane


Having trouble with shine of your hair as it has started looking like a bird’s nest? Or your hair has stopped looking pretty to you due to its lack of gloss? Don’t worry! The problem is not that big as it seems to be. 

Yes, you heard it right! 

Doesn’t matter how big and impossible the situation is, it can always be undertaken by a good solution and right formula or method. Similarly, for adding or restoring the lost shien on your hair, all you need a list of tips that can be used to curb the situation and provide effective result. Scroll down to read some if the remarkable and testified solutions.

Same line shampoo and conditioner

It is always recommended to use same line shampoo and conditioner that comes with almost same ingredients and with the purpose of adding shine in your hair, under the same brand. If you use different products it might counteract each other and their impact on your hair will be different too. Thus, it is notable that same line products always work ion hair whatever your reason is to use them. 

Argan oil is the great formula

Argan oil comes with many nutrients which fill your hair lots of health as well as shine that lasts longer than usual. You can put argan oil directly or apply a product that contain argan oil as its main ingredients such as creme of nature argan oil gloss & shine polisher which comes with pure argan oil formulation. Argan oil has always been proved best when it comes to providing awesome shine and glow to hair. 

Shea butter can also be added

You can also use or apply a product that contain shea butter as its first or second key ingredient that might work on the dry hair problem. Shea butter is believed to add moisture and recovering lost sebum in your hair and scalp to provide your hair a magnificent shine. Shea butter contains various nutritional elements such as proteins and vitamins that strengthen the roots of your hair while giving your hair a perfect glow. 

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 By riding off the use of heat

When your hair is already dry or have lost its lustre due to whatever reason, then heat might work as a poison on that dry strands, leaving them lifeless and dying. You all must know that heat styling tools if applied regularly on hair, it can make even the greatest hair dull and dry with the temperature and heat. So, it is suggested to avoid heat styling tools when your hair has already suffered a lot and is lifeless. If your really need to use them then apply a good quality heat protecting products than can help to recover the lost shine and protect your hair simultaneously. 

Hot oil massage might work

Oils are the best therapy a lifeless and dull hair can get. It is like giving your hair another life by proving a hot oil massage with a natural oil like coconut, almond, olive, argan or many other. Oils have been proved to be one of the finest and easiest solution to add sheen and gloss in the hair dry and damage hair. Massage with an oil not only add texture ion your hair but also soothes your scalp and your overall body which results in healthy hair growth. 

Every day wash is not going to work

Everyday wash by using a cleansing shampoo tends to make your hair drier and more brittle as it removes all the necessary oils too with the dirt and residues. So, if you are having trouble in maintaining the shine and lustre of your mane then it is better to start with reducing the shampoo and try to wash your hair every alternate day, instead of daily. You can also try co-wash rather than shampoo sometimes to store moisture and shine in your hair. 

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Taking care of it while sleeping might help

It is very important to look after your hair or keep in mind the protection of your hair while sleeping as our hair becomes more prone to damage while we put it against our harsh pillowcase. Many of use find the long strands attached to our pillows when we wake up in the morning. Thus, it is necessary to take care of it while sleeping by covering t with a silky soft cloth and changing the case of your pillow to satin. 

Add shine adding products in your routine

If you have tried almost all the option like oiling, shea butter or avoiding heat and shampoo every day but nothing is working for you, then try switching your hair products and add something that claims to add more and more shine to it. Apply shampoo, conditioner and other hair products that adds shine or contains ingredients that can help to provide that glow and lustre to your hair. 

All in all, try all of the above-mentioned tips to add shine and gloss in your hair and make it last longer than usual. Try them once and witness the positive change in just a few days. 


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