Blood Is Thicker Than Water Full Quote: Do We Know The Right Thing?

blood is thicker than water full quote

Quotations are something that we always love! And of the old proverbs that we have heard our grandmas speaking of is ‘Blood is thicker than water. But ever since we’ve heard of it, we have never realized that there can be another part of this as well. So, is there Blood is thicker than water full quote available? Well, we are not yet aware of this! But we will soon find out!

And if you are thinking about how you will get to the details of this quotation, look no further than this blog! Today we will speak about Blood is thicker than water full quote and much more in the following segment. And yes, we have something immensely surprising right here for you. Excited, are you? So, let’s find out right now!!

Is There Blood Is Thicker Than Water Full Quote?

As they say, evolution is the key part of why you are reading this blog online on your digital screen. But before this, people would look up books and get the required information that they want. However, right now, whenever you want to know something, Google and other SERPs come to your rescue.

Similarly, everything has evolved, and eventually, many things have changed meaning as well. Are you thinking, why are we even talking about this right now, isn’t it? Well, that’s only because as we started off with the blog, we told you that we would talk about the full quotation; Blood is thicker than water!

So, today, we are giving you the brief that what we know is actually not right. This quote is generally referred to family relationships. It’s a way to express that a person will eventually be more inclined towards their family, no matter what comes in front of them.

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But that is not what the original text says. According to the original text, the quotation is ‘the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.’

And the meaning of what we have spoken about currently is absolutely opposite to what people think! The original text, it means that the Blood that is shed during the war is much stronger and thicker than the water present in the mother’s womb.

Now that we’ve told you this, you know very well what the exact meaning is and what it actually implies. So, now let’s check out the following segments where I have specially handpicked some great quotations for you.

blood is thicker than water full quote

Blood Is Thicker Than Water Similar Quotes

Below are some of my quotations, which I have specially handpicked for you! So, let’s check out what they are:

1.     Love & Respect Matters

‘Many people believe in the saying Blood is thicker than water, but I believe love and respect is what matters in the end. You don’t have to have to be related to each other.’

Well, this is exactly what people in the olden times wanted to say! One doesn’t have to have a blood relation with anyone to be together. You can only have love in your heart, and that can be more than enough.

Are you related by Blood with your partner? Well, most people out there in the world have a life partner who they bonded with are not related by Blood. But that bond is stronger than many other blood relations. So, this clearly tells us that if you have love and respect for each other, then it should suffice for a relationship.

2.     Exceptional families

‘Many people actually live in the notion of Blood is thicker than water. But in general, there are families where the water and many more relationships turn out to be thicker and stronger than your blood relatives.’

Haven’t you seen families who have such a background and so much more! They don’t have a proper relationship, backstab each other and eventually murder them. So, does this quotation actually apply to them? Well, we are afraid not!

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There are people in this world who find more peace out of their families and eventually make better friends than their family members. So, just as you believe in Blood is thicker, think of the exceptions as well.

3.     Family can be more dangerous than strangers

‘At times, your family can be more dangerous than an outsider. So, the quotation clearly shows that water can be thicker in many cases.’

Another quotation we have for you today is this one! At times, you find families can cause more harm to you than an outsider. Just as your family members are more aware of your whereabouts and your weaknesses, it becomes extremely easy for them to hurt you or cause any harm to you. So, always beware of such family members.

Final Thoughts

Today, you must be really surprised by what we spoke about in the quotation; Blood is thicker than water. The interpretation that was made to us is entirely wrong and comes from a different perspective.

During ancient times, people who were knitted together by love, respect, and gratitude shed Blood for each other and eventually would lose their lives. And that’s exactly what was spoken about in the original quotation. But with time, people interpreted the entire thing in the wrong way.

So, we have gone ahead and given you some great quotations that have a similar meaning and tell you the actual thing that can bind you and another person together is love. However, there are exceptions, and there are families who can die for each other too.

The quotes above were given to you keeping in a section of society and not to hurt any of you or your family members. So, keep your head on your shoulders to differentiate between the person who loves you and who doesn’t.