Change Your Toxic Lifestyle To A Healthy One – Tips For Working Professionals

Toxic Lifestyle To A Healthy One

Everyone can relate to this when I say, “work is forever exhausting!”. It takes up most of our waking time and demands high productivity every moment. Every working professional had to sacrifice their personal life at least once to help the team meet those deadlines.

We live in such a toxic work culture wherein sacrificing our personal time is praised. And the one that takes care of themselves is looked down on. But aren’t we supposed to have some free time for better mental health? The first step towards changing to a healthy lifestyle is by considering that you can make time for self-care!

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Food for thought and tummy!

There is a saying that goes ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like the queen and dinner like a pauper’. And, it does make sense when you think about it. The morning is when we do a lot of physical chores, and the body needs more energy.

Unlike morning, the night is the time we need to unwind and rest. The body needs to take that downtime too. If we eat heavily during the night, then the body will keep working to digest the food throughout. Listen to your body, and eat healthy meals.

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The power nap

We’ve all been there when we’d plan to nap for just 15 minutes and wake up an hour late! It gets really frustrating when you have too many to-do lists for the day. So, instead of napping, it is common to chug caffeine to keep ourselves awake.

But it can be very dangerous for health. Try different types of alarms to wake you up at the right time. It might seem difficult in the beginning. But once you get the hang of it, the nap will actually help you to improve memory and thus enhance your productivity

Drink and walk

Lack of water in the body leads to exhaustion, headaches and tiredness. When you are dehydrated it shows in the work’s performance as well. Figure out with the professionals as to how much water you need to consume as per your BMI. Hydrating your body is a step towards self-care.

Walking is the simplest, yet highly efficient means of workout. Just by walking, you are activating most of the body’s muscles. Shifting to a healthy lifestyle doesn’t require you to hit the gym 5 days a week. Instead, ditch the car rides and choose to walk.

Final thoughts

Take proactive measures to make tiny changes in your lifestyle so that you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. It is the baby steps you start with, that leads to a happy and healthy lifestyle.