Everest Base Camp Elevation

everest base camp elevation

Everest base camp elevation: Looks like a trekker or to-be trekker is present among us and reading the blog! Welcome to the blog, and be prepared to get your questions and doubts cleared as you move forward in the blog. Before you start trekking, you should have the needed information if you are planning anytime soon. As you read through the blog, be ready as you learn new things and find out the needed information. Do make points as you go through the blog!

As you start this very beautiful trek journey of yours, you get to learn and understand the learnings of life. If you are a professional trekker, it will be one hell of a journey and make you proud and the country. Climbing Everest itself is a very big deal in life, and you should be very aware of that. One of the very important steps of your life is to reach the Everest Base Camp. You make a name for yourself in your heart, and also your name stays on the peaks of Everest.

everest base camp elevation

What is the height of Everest Base Camp?

When you want to climb Everest, you should be wondering how you have to go. That is, what height you have to reach to get to the Everest Base Camp. With that, you can mark your bases and start trekking. Each day covers that particular distance and reaches your actual destination. As per the recent records, the Everest Base Camp Elevation is at the height of 17,598 ft. Quite high, you must be thinking, but there are people who are reaching those heights and making their name.

The altitude that you got to know right now was for the South Base Camp, which is located in Nepal. Aa there are two base camps, both in the north and the south, you should be aware of them both. The North Base Camp is in Tibet, China, and is at a height of 16,900 ft. Quite a long journey on both sides!

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everest base camp elevation

How much does the trek amount up to?

You have to have some savings if you have been planning to go for the Everest Base Camp Trek. You need quite a sum but not that much also. A particular amount is set in order to do the trek. When you go to the Everest Base Camp, you need the bare minimum to go to. Nothing special is needed. Your equipment and the requirements are the necessities that are required to be covered.

For per person in the trek, a minimum amount of $2099 to $4500. The money also varies according to your travel requirements and might increase just in case.

Is the trek to the Everest Base Camp difficult?

If you are planning for a trek to Everest Base Camp, you need to pass the basic requirements. You need to be physically fit and have a mentally prepared mind. The trek is not supposed to be easy at all but not as difficult as you think. If you have been on a trek before, you would know that going for a trek requires quite the strength as you pull your weight as well as the baggage that you have been carrying.

There’s a certain level for the difficult terrain at the Everest Base Camp and is considered to be moderately difficult. If you have passion driven into you then you can surely go for the Everest Base Camp and try going for it. The journey to this Everest Base Camp can take you around 10 days or two weeks.

You do not need to be a very experienced trekker to go for the trek o Everest Base Camp. You just need to be very well prepared and know that it is going to be a long journey. And then you can definitely reach the peak that you have wanted to reach.

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everest base camp elevation

How much range do you need to cover to reach Everest Base Camp?

It is not much, and you can definitely go for it. Since to reach the Everest Base Camp, you have to go from Lukla. Therefore, a distance from there to Everest Base Camp and then back to Lukla has been provided. People might travel on different roads and ways then; it can vary accordingly. As per research, the entire distance back and forth is around 130kms only. Not much of a distance and can be easily covered. If you want, you can always try some other way and shorten your distance. Whichever will make you comfortable and enjoy your trek!

How is the trek for newcomers?

If you have not trekked before, you can still go for the trek to the Everest Base Camp. You do not need to have any particular kind of experience in order to reach the required destination. As a newcomer, you can always take extra time in order to complete the entire trek. You do not need to rush in order to reach your destination.

Since you are a newcomer, you should keep some things in mind. You need to have proper rest and be fit all the time. It’s a big step, but you cannot give up as you have already thought about it. Carrying the necessities for the trek is also very important. You must have your way planned before you plan the trek. And then you are done with what you need!

Final Thoughts

With this, we have come to the ned of our blog! Hope you have learned quite a lot about Everest Base Camp Elevation. The details provided will help you a lot through your journey. It is a very wonderful trek and can make you mesmerized. Having someone with you can make the trek more amazing. Share it with those who are looking forward to knowing more about Everest Base Camp Elevation!