Generator Accessories Enhance Functionality

Generator Accessories Enhance Functionality


Generator accessories can be bought online for all makes and models made in the country. There are certain accessories that will help you get the most out of your unit.  These days a portable unit is very affordable and serves multiple purposes. You can use it on the boat, in the RV, at campsites, for construction work and also for backyard parties. When the neighborhood is struck by a storm, your essentials can remain powered by the same portable generator.

The inverter technology is making big waves. Homeowners are still learning the many benefits of using an inverter generator. Home backup generators need installation while a portable one can be carried out of the garage and used instantly.

If you have a family and want a whole house generator, check out the new Generac, Kohler and Briggs & Stratton models. To install a unit, you will need generator accessories. If you are buying online from a store in your neighborhood, they will come out and install it for you. When you buy a unit, think of safety first. Not all models are safer to use near pets and kids. Some emit the carbon gas that is damaging to health. Learn how to operate the unit and get the accessories that are vital for safe operation. You will also need accessories if you want to make the maintenance a breeze or simplify the startup. Many of these items are essential while others are simply good to have.

Some accessories may be more expensive, and you may want to look for cheap alternatives. When it comes to equipment and parts always select better products no matter how pricey they are. These will last you longer and the price will pay off in the longer run. With cheap goods, you will need replacement often and will land up paying more. Choose trustworthy brands as they are safer to use.

Of the crucial portable generator accessories, the transfer switch is most important. If you have an RV generator or a home backup unit, get an automatic transfer switch for it.  The switch is used for load transferring and will work automatically with no effort on your behalf. If the automatic transfer switches seem pricey you can always buy a manual one. Sometimes two power sources may begin to feed the circuit, and this is very hazardous. As a rule of law, all homes and buildings that have a portable generator hooked up must have a transfer switch.  If you have a low output unit, it is good to pre-install appliances to the generator and for this purpose, a transfer switch is a necessity.  The load can remain low and you can run the unit for a longer period of time. Users usually connect lights, a fan, and a refrigerator to the unit for emergency use.

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An electrician will install the transfer switch for you and give you the required instructions. It is always good to follow professional advice. The electric appliances can be spread over several circuits and you can select the devices you want to run with the generator.  If you have a unit that runs on fuel, it needs to be installed 15-feet away from the house. The fumes emitted by a generator can be deadly for small pets and kids and this is why the device is installed away from doors and windows and never installed indoors.

Another essential item you will need is a heavy-duty extension cord. If you live n a very hot or a very cold climate, these cords will serve you for longer. Check the cord amperage with that of your generator before you make the purchase as both have to be of the same amperage. Check the outlets on the generator for amps.

Your extension cord should have two different plugs, one for the generator outlet and the other for the transfer switch outlet. Choose a cord that is not too long or short, so measure the distance that it has to cover before you buy it. If you do not know how to select an extension cord, your electrician will help you out.

When you buy a generator, you need to also buy a maintenance kit for it. If you already own a generator and need a kit for it, look online and search by the generator model number. Many dealers carry all sorts of generator accessories and parts for all major brand names and ship out the orders the same day. The kits come with spark plugs, air filters, oil, oil filters, and a funnel. After every 100 hours of use, it is advisable to change the spark plugs. Oil is usually changed after 50 hours of use. When you change the oil you also need to change the oil filter. If you do not use the generator often you can wait till a year to change the air filter. It is good to keep the unit clean and wipe it down after every use. Regular maintenance will prevent corrosion.

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With a push start and an electric start unit you also have to check the battery.  If you own a diesel or gasoline unit, you will need a fuel stabilizer that keeps the fuel in a good state. This way the fuel will not cause corrosion or turn into gum. When you refuel the generator add the stabilizer to it. This will keep the fuel fresh for long. Old fuel is known to damage the engine and a stabilizer prevents just that. If you do not want to use a stabilizer then you will have to empty the gas tank before putting the generator away. 

Cold temperatures damage a generator and it is a good idea to get a cold weather kit for your unit so it can work smoothly. The kit will keep the oil from getting thick and will ensure the battery does not stop working. A battery heater comes with the cold weather kits and you will not have any problems with starting the unit in freezing temperatures.