Best Hidden Messages App for Android

Hidden Hidden Messages App for AndroidApp for Android

Who doesn’t like some privacy? You may have a friend or partner with whom you engage in private talks. Though your phone is likely private, you may give it to someone to make a call or watch a video. If they, intentionally or unintentionally, open your messages, they may see something you don’t want them to see. Hence, it’s always good to have a hidden messages app for Android.

Today, let’s look at some of the best secret messaging apps for Android to hide messages.


Endorsed by Elon Musk himself, Signal is one of the most popular private messenger apps out there. The app offers free, instant, and private communication with people worldwide. Backed by advanced privacy-preserving technology, Signal has emerged as the go-to choice for people looking for a safe messenger app.

Hidden Messages App for Android
Hidden Messages App for Android

Signal comes with cutting-edge end-to-end encryption to enhance the privacy of all your interactions. Signal is a non-profit and open-source project, and its code is publicly available on GitHub. Apart from top-notch security, Signal offers excellent chatting tools and customization features.

Message Locker — SMS Lock

If you’re looking for a private messaging app that works without the internet, Message Locker has got you covered. The app has two key features, so let’s talk about them one by one.

First, it’s a full-fledged private messenger. You can add a PIN lock to the app to protect your messages. Whether you have a curious friend or a snooping friend, this app will protect you from all the enemies of your privacy. Thanks to the simple and beginner-friendly interface, you can learn to use it in no time.

Hidden Messages App for Android
Hidden Messages App for Android

In addition, this app acts as a vault. You can use it to hide all the other apps on your phone and protect them using a PIN code or pattern lock. It also allows you to add a PIN/pattern lock to all the apps on your device.

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Telegram: Hidden Messages App for Android

You may have already heard of Telegram and how it works. If not, it’s a free messaging tool known for its privacy. You can send end-to-end encrypted messages. The platform allows you to sign up without your phone number, taking privacy to another level. There are features like self-destructing messages to further enhance privacy and security.

Like Signal, Telegram is free and open-source with a verifiable build. And it’s not just security that makes Telegram a popular choice. It offers some robust messaging features, like private groups, groups with up to 200k members, file attachments up to 2 GB, and more.


Kik is a popular instant messaging app that’s been out there for years. The biggest benefit of using Kik is its privacy. You can create an account with just a username — no email or phone number needed. Hence, you can connect with your friends. Therefore, Kik takes privacy to the next level.

Kik has recently added two new features to its app. The first is group chat, which allows you to create groups and chat with your friends. The second is video call support, which allows you to have a video call with up to six friends at once.

Vault: Hidden Messages App for Android

Many people know Vault as an app to hide private photos and videos. However, it’s more than just an app to hide multimedia. You can use it to lock and secure your messaging apps. Vault allows you to add apps, and once you do that, they won’t be visible on your phone.

Please note that Vault isn’t a private messaging app like the other apps discussed earlier. Instead, it’s a safe locker for all your apps. Whether you want to protect your messaging apps, other apps, or multimedia, you can safeguard them all in Vault. Moreover, you can create multiple vaults and fake vaults. The app even allows you to set up break-in alerts.

Calculator Vault: App Hider

Calculator Vault is an app very similar to Vault. Though both apps work similarly, Vault has a minor drawback. The name “Vault” implies that the app is hiding something. So, if someone comes across Vault, they’ll naturally know that you’re hiding something.

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That is not the case with Calculator. If someone comes across a calculator app, they’ll naturally think of it as a normal calculator. It’s hard to predict if someone is using the calculator as a vault. Besides, this app has a clean user interface, and there’s no way anyone can figure out that it’s a vault.

Like Vault, you can use Calculator Vault to hide all your messaging apps and protect them with a PIN code. This way, you can ensure that only you have access to the messages.

GO SMS Pro: Hidden Messages App for Android

GO SMS Pro is a regular messaging app like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. However, it has a few features that make it an excellent messaging app, especially for people who need extra privacy.

Hidden Messages App for Android
Hidden Messages App for Android

The first major feature of GO SMS Pro is the Private Box. This feature allows you to encrypt your messages and enhance the privacy element of your texts. The next important feature of this app is that it allows you to disable all sponsored messages. If you’re tired of spam messages congratulating you for winning a lottery, GO SMS Pro has got you covered.

Privacy Messenger — SMS Call App

Let’s end this list with Privacy Messenger, a private calling and SMS app that takes your privacy and security to another level. You can even replace it with the default messenger app on your phone.

Hidden Messages App for Android
Hidden Messages App for Android

In addition to leading-edge privacy and security, Privacy Messenger offers various customization features and emojis. Some useful features offered by this app are Call Flash, Dual SIM, SMS Blocker, and SMS Backup & Restore.

Wrap Up: Hidden Messages App for Android

If you chat a lot, you should consider securing your chats, especially if they are private and you don’t want someone else to get their hands on them. The apps discussed above can be an amazing starting point if you’re looking for a way to secure your messages. You can try all these apps and find one that suits your needs.