Invest in Certification for Better Fitness Career

Invest in Certification for Better Fitness Career

With people getting more aware, the fitness business is growing exponentially and diversifying so much that the personal trainers are now needed even in medical research and clinical studies. In the past trainers were only demanded by gyms and health clubs but the situation has entirely changed today. This changed scenario not only means new norms for professionals but also for the need for fitness training certifications.

Whether an aspiring personal trainer or already a fitness professional selecting which certification to pursue is a tough call. A quality fitness certification is one that is consistent with recognized standards, legally defensible by law and has universal industry respect.

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Certification with ACE

One of the most widely known and accepted certifications is provided by ACE (American Council on Exercise), a well-structured and transparent organization that offers a solid, all-rounded training foundation with easily accessible learning resources and support.

NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) accredited, ACE offers four fitness courses namely Personal Trainer Certification, Advanced Health, and Fitness Specialist Certification, Group Fitness Instructor Certification and Health Coach Certification. It emphasizes on personalized training programs for people through their patented Integrated Fitness Training (IFT) model.

Why Certification is Important?

In the fitness industry, professional certification is vital to differentiate the qualified and competent professionals from those who just take this profession on a whim and become a self-proclaimed personal trainer.

Here are the few reasons to get certifications:

Getting a Good Job

Generally, employers prefer to hire certified fitness trainers and instructors before they begin working with clients or with members of a gym or health clubs. However, some employers want personal trainers without certification as they simply want them to go through their training system before becoming certified.

In other cases, smaller gyms that hire uncertified trainers pay pretty less to them. So, fitness training certifications help in making great money by increasing credibility. The more qualified the trainer is better job opportunities will come in a way to work with popular fitness centers.

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Better Prospects

Possessing the right qualifications and credentials is a crucial part of any job and the fitness industry is no different. Attaining proper training gives a leg up on the competition as the trainers are equipped with the necessary resources to fulfill the demands of the clients.

Fitness certifications can raise the prospects of the job as the trainers are hired by celebrities, athletes, clinical and medical researches, VIPs, five-star hotels and cruises and many more. The high-profile people and companies hire the personal trainer with the right qualifications to secure themselves to meet fitness goals safely and smartly. With the proper qualifications oversee jobs becomes feasible to achieve.

Enables Liability insurance

The various insurance companies provide liability insurance to only those personal trainers having recognized certifications. Liability insurance is a must for personal trainers as it protects their assets in case someone gets injured while under their care. So, certification is important before becoming a personal trainer.

If someone gets hurt under the personal trainer with no liability insurance, then it is his/her responsibility to cover the medical costs of the client. What’s worst, the trainer can be sued for negligence as he/she is not equipped with the right training or certification to be a personal trainer.   Further, the future aspects of getting insurance to lessen as the company may decide that it is too high of a risk to insure because of the past record.

Increases Competence

One would not go to a doctor or investment advisor who doesn’t have a plaque on their wall depicting their expertise. Similarly, trainers need to provide such proof to show clients that they understand them, their issues and can help them achieve their fitness goals.

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Nowadays, fitness comes in full package with physical, mental, emotional and dietary training and trainers are needed to be qualified in each area. They need to be well aware of the requirements of the people with cardiovascular problems, arthritis, and many others as such patients would have different workout strategies than the rest.

Having fitness training certifications would denote that the trainer has competence and specialization in their field. More fitness certifications a trainer has, more the customer profiles he/she can offer services to and better the compensation in the long run.

Stay Up to date

Professionals usually require continuing education to remain updated with the latest developments in their field. With emerging new techniques, new theories and methodologies, personal trainers must stay up to date to improve results.

Certifying agencies require already certified trainers to continue to take educational courses and seminars to earn more credits.


In the coming future, soon these certifications will be mandatory and essential for practicing the fitness profession at any level. Training is exceptionally important for the well-being of the client, making the personal trainer fundamental part of the customer’s health. Therefore, it has become significant for professionals to have enough verifiable and justified training to live up to elevated expectations of the people.