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old row makayla

Old Row Makayla: As fast as you get neglected over by society. The same society notices you for the smallest of the things that you do. If you mess up even a little part of your life, people will start walking over and judging you instantly. Unfortunately, you cannot change this. You can call it the nature of society.

But why are we talking about this now? What has happened? There is this controversy that has come up nowadays. You must be aware of it, and so you are here in this blog. Now, what or who is this Old Row Makayla? And what exactly happened is the main question.

So, without wasting any of your minutes, scroll through the blog! And look for the answers to the questions you have piled up.

old row makayla

Who is Makayla?

Makayla is a young girl. She is known for her latest TikTok video. It went viral in a very instance or rather in a short interval of time. Her full name is known to be Makayla Culpepper.

She is studying at the University of Alabama. And is a part of a sorority house. But now, she is restricted in school and suspended for some time.

Makayla Culpepper Parents

Among all of these controversies, there is not much detail revealed about Makayla. Even though all of these controversies were behind Old Row, no one from Makayla’s family came forward. Maybe it is not known, or something, but parents do speak in matters of their child.

And in all of this criticism that has been going around behind Makayla, nothing is known about her parents. Not about their whereabouts, their name, or their opinion as well. Some say that the parents are embarrassed, but nothing is known for now.

Once known will be updated in the blog.

old row makayla

Makayla Culpepper Age

Since she is involved with the sorority house, it can be guessed that she is very young. In her video, which got posted, she never did anything out of the law. Still, she got criticized.

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As far as it’s known, Makayla Culpepper is just 19 years old. And that was back in 2021. Her birth month or year is not known to anyone. The young lady is from Alabama itself and lives with her parents. She made a young dumb mistake of making a TikTok to ensure others joined sorority houses too. But her age made a fool out of her.

Makayla Culpepper TikTok

The controversy that is going on is because of a TikTok video only. Makayla Culpepper has her own TikTok. She has as many as 100k followers. She got more popular with her videos going viral.

As per sources, it is known that Makayla Culpepper makes funny videos on TikTok. In case you are looking forward to seeing Makayla Culpepper, you always have a glance at her TikTok. Her TikTok handle is whatwouldjimmybuffetdo. On her last TikTok, which created such controversy, got over 8.1 million views. Some people took it in an optimistic way, and some criticized it.

old row makayla

Old row Makayla Culpepper

This Old Row came to be known for her name after the video went viral. The video is taken in a sorority house and was posted through Makayla Culpepper’s TikTok handle. The video still might be there.

In that video, the girls just change their dresses and talk in a southern accent from Alabama. Now in this video, nothing went wrong, and neither did any crime occur.

But some say that Makayla was trying to mimic and it was not liked by the public. But others took it in as a trend and started making a copy of the original one over TikTok.

Why did Makayla Culpepper get dropped?

Even though the southern accent was acted, it is not known if it was real or fake. Maybe Makayla did not fake it at all. It is still not known.

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But from all the criticism received, it was not appreciated. Makayla studies at a reputed University, that is the University of Alabama. It affects the reputation of the college and the sorority houses as well. The sorority houses all removed Makayla as it was bringing disgrace to it.

Hence, Makayla Culpepper got dropped out of the University as well.

 Makayla Culpepper Alabama Rush

The video was so made that within no time, it went all viral. Everyone in Alabama knows about it. The hashtag used is Bama Rush. The entire video was so made that it is very entertaining. People all over love the video and enjoy making fun of the down-market resemblance as well as the accents.

Many of the people on TikTok want to join these Sorority Houses after seeing the videos. Some of the Sorority houses are making these videos to attract more people. The mimicry so much resembles reality you cannot deny it. But as people see the good in it, others do criticize, saying that they are ruining the reputation of sorority houses.

And the community, like this video, has given Makayla Culpepper the name Alabama Rush. The TikTok video got more than 1.4k million likes.

Final Thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of the blog- old row makayla! It is quite a small controversy, and nothing was harmed in this. Like every time, people’s opinion differs on the matter, and it cannot be changed. But to look on the bright side, sorority houses do not seem to be affected by this controversy. Instead, they, too, are making TikTok videos. Simply, Makayla Culpepper had to suffer in between.

Let us know if you have got the information that you were looking for in this blog or not. Also, share this blog with those who want to learn about Old Row Makayla!