Shaun King Net Worth: What Is The Civil Right Activist’s Worth?

Shaun King Net Worth

Anybody aware of social issues probably knows Shaun King. He is a well-known activist, among other things. While actors and musicians have millions of followers and supporters and Shaun King has managed to attain the same fame through activism alone. Much of the world is not in favor of activists as they try to bring about change, but a few manage to make their voices heard. Shaun is among many who have been consistently trying to make changes and has been successful. If you’re interested in knowing more about this person, we have the right article for you. Read the following article to know about Shaun King wiki, Shaun King career, Shaun King controversy and Shaun King Net Worth.

Shaun King Net Worth

Shaun King Wiki

Everybody knows Shaun as an activist, but many don’t know the details of his life. We have listed all information about him in case you are curious to know more about this man.

Shaun King Age

Shaun was born to his parents on 17th September 1979, in Franklin County, Kentucky. He was born to his mother, Naomi Kay, and to his father, whose name is unfortunately not known. According to Naomi, Shaun’s biological father was a light-skinned black man who did not want to be a present father to Shaun. However, Shaun’s birth certificate mentions a man named Jeffery Wayne King as his legal father. According to his birthdate, Shaun is forty-three years of age as of 2022.

Shaun King Family and marriage

Shaun King and his brother were raised solely by their mother Naomi. Thus, growing up, Shaun had only his mother and a brother. But in interviews, he has talked about his mother having several failed relationships, which is why he is unaware of his real father’s identity. Moreover, Shaun believes that the might have other half-siblings since he has no idea what his father’s family comprises of.

Other than parents and siblings, Shaun is married to his wife, Rai King, with whom he has three biological and two adopted children.

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Shaun King Net Worth

Shaun King early life

Shaun has talked heavily about his struggles as a biracial person and how his struggles started at an early age. He grew up in Versailles, Kentucky. From a young age, he faced racial discrimination from people around him. As an adult, he has talked about two very disturbing incidents from his life.

While studying at Woodford High School, Shaun had been a victim of an attempted run-over by a group of young white people. Since this had happened on the school property, King had reported it to the school authorities, but that did not help. The authorities favored the youth group over King.

That was not the end of his suffering. Later on, King had even been beaten up by a few self-described ‘rednecks’. This, unfortunately, had not only emotional harm but also severe physical harm. King had to spend two years away from school due to his injuries.

Despite all this, Shaun graduated high school and attended Morehouse College. There, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History. Later, he also pursued a master’s degree in History from Arizona State University.


Shaun King is most famously known for his activism, but the man is much more than that. Before he chose activism as his main job, he had worked in multiple professions. While he was still a college student, he taught at a high school in Atlanta. While this was something he did for a scholarship, his next ventures were things he was really passionate about. After graduation, he worked as a pastor and then even found a church called the Courageous Church. But he later left the church due to personal reasons.

Shaun is also widely known for being a writer. He was in fact, a writer in residence at Harvard Law School’s Fair and Punishment Project. It is impressive that an activist such as him has had considerable contributions to the books, The Intercept, and The Appeal. Besides that, he has written for various websites and companies like Daily Kos and Daily News.

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Coming to his work as an activist, Shaun King has repeatedly used his social media to fight for civil rights. He is a supporter of the black lives movement and has had a great contribution to creating awareness about the movement. Besides, he had attained so much reach on his account that even former American President Donald Trump had retweeted him. Trump’s response might have been against Shaun’s opinions but it shows how effective his work has been.

Shaun King Controversy

Like many well-known people, Shaun has faced several controversies. One of the most talked about ones is that Shaun is not really black and is lying about his ethnicity for clout since he does not look black by appearance. But Shaun has said that his father is a light-skinned black man while his mother is white which makes him biracial. Whether the controversy is true or not is unknown, but Shaun seems to ignore all the negativity and focus on what really matters.

Shaun King Net Worth

Shaun King Net Worth

People don’t expect activists or writers to have a high net worth as their work is to not earn for themselves. And as much as Shaun has worked towards equal rights and fundraisers, he has done fairly well for himself. Shaun King Net Worth comes from his work as a writer and an entrepreneur. His net worth is somewhere between $1-$3 million.

Final Thoughts

Shaun King Net Worth doesn’t make him look like your typical activist. But one needs to remember that activists have to earn jobs as well and take out time from their schedules to help others. People like Shaun King are needed in our world to speak up against issues like racism. His work is greatly appreciated by people all over the world. What are your opinions on Shaun King? Tell us in the comments.