Tekmetric – Everything You Need To Run Your Business In A Single Auto Shop Software

Tekmetric - Everything You Need To Run Your Business In A Single Auto Shop Software

Plenty of automotive repair shops are still using outdated auto shop software in order to run their business, or are simply resorting to pen and paper and their business are not fully integrated with modern technology even to do simple repairs such as a Lexus key replacement. A lot of shop owners feel like innovative technology is out of their reach. This is where Tekmetric comes in. The auto shop software that Tekmetric offers is a resource planning and management system that is designed by shop owners for shop owners in the automotive repair industry.

Keep Everything In One Place

Using Tekmetric can greatly improve the efficiency of your business by helping streamline tasks and also improving the customer experience. The platform will help you keep all aspects of your business in a single place, making things easier and faster to access. From keeping track of repair orders to having an employee database, Tekmetric can improve overall productivity through an all-encompassing intuitive auto shop software solution.

Having too many repair orders pile up can become very intimidating and could probably result in making customers wait. That is not a good way of running a business, because you want to stay on top of your repair orders and get things done in a timely fashion. With Tekmetric you will be able to keep track of things and not let repair orders get out of control, as you will be able to stay up to date and get the cars back to the customers when they need them.

Speaking of customers, one great way to grow your business is by having repeat customers. Using Tekmetric you can track your customer base and you can communicate with them regularly. You will be able to add your customers to a mailing list, which can be a great way to retain them and keep them coming back.

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Stay Profitable And Save Time

A great way to remain relevant in your market and stay competitive is by offering competitive prices. Using the platform that Tekmetric offers you will be able to adjust and manage payments as you see fit, and this can be especially useful during certain times of the year when you notice that your competitors offer discounts. You can easily change your pricing using the software and stay on top of things. Tekmetric can also connect you with your local DMV. Once you are linked into the DMV you can turn your shop into an inspection station, which will help increase your business.

Having everything in one platform can end up saving you a lot of time. The auto shop software generates job profitability as well as labor costs, and you will get a streamlined approach from building a quote all the way to invoicing. You can also get instant access to parts as well as vendor information, which will save you a lot of time, given that you won’t have to manually do inventory as often. You will be able to save money on forms, since everything is done electronically, and you can process reports instantly as well as manage your employees.

About Tekmetric

Launched in 2015 and based in Houston, Texas, Tekmetric aims to provide auto repair shops with a reliable and easy to use solution, with all the tools necessary to run the business efficiently. Shop owners can opt for a free trial in order to convince themselves of the many benefits that the platform has to offer. The free trial can be set up on the software’s website, and there are no strings attached – no upfront payment, no agreement for future use. Tekmetric offers the engine and the fuel necessary to keep your auto shop running smoothly.