The Biggest Lotteries of the USA

The Biggest Lotteries

Players can participate in a variety of famous USA lotteries. There are both international and domestic ones. There are no limits on entering the international ones, so players can enter them from anywhere in the world. However, for the local ones, especially those accessible for specific states, the particular player must be a resident of that state.

How ecstatic would anyone be to win a jackpot? He or she would literally be able to make a lot of money in a matter of seconds. Even if someone is lucky enough, he or she will not be able to win anything if he or she does not try his or her luck. The USA lotteries are a perfect option to try one’s luck. On LottoThrill, players can try the lotteries.

Why are they so famous?

These lotteries having enormous jackpots is one main reason for them to be so famous. The staggering amounts naturally attract more and more players constantly. Further, the odds of winning are also really high. Due to these reasons, they have become incredibly famous throughout the world. 


The Mega Millions lottery is the second-largest lottery in the United States. In terms of American lotteries, it is only second to the Powerball. It goes without saying that anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to participate. Non-residents of the United States can easily participate by purchasing tickets from a variety of sites. When a player buys tickets from a third party, he or she will receive an email with the certified tickets attached.

The draw days are Tuesdays and Fridays. At 11:00 p.m. ET, this lottery will be drawn. It has a starting jackpot of roughly $20 million. It also had a record jackpot of $1.537 billion at one point. This is only second to the Powerball jackpot.


This is an international lottery with the greatest prize pool among USA lotteries. The lottery is available to the entire world. By correctly selecting five regular numbers and the Powerball, you can win the lottery. 

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The draws take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 10:59 p.m. ET. Each line costs $5, and a player can play only one line for this amount. Players have to spend an extra $2.5 if they want to use the Powerplay option. The prize for this game starts at $20 million. It has even achieved a record jackpot of US$1586 million on a few occasions. This is the highest amount of money ever won in a lottery.

Most Popular Lotteries by States

The California Lottery has been in the business since 1985. Players can play a variety of in-house draw games. Some of these are Daily 3, Daily 4, and Daily Derby.

Daily 3

Here, the players can choose 3 numbers from 1 to 9. It costs 1$ for a draw. Each day, there are two draws. And there is no minimum jackpot. 

Daily 4

This is very similar to Daily 3. The only difference is that the players get to choose 4 numbers instead of 4 from 1 to 9. The price is the same and there are two draws each day. For this also, there is no minimum jackpot. 

Daily Derby

Here the players have to choose 3 horses out of 12. Therefore, it is known as a mock horse racing game. Every day, this takes place. It ends after the horse race. The 3 horses that finish first decide the fate of the players. Its cost is 2$ per draw.

NYC Lotteries

It all started with the NYC lotteries in 1967. This is state-operated. Its in-house games are as follows. 


What the players have to do in Numbers is to choose 3 numbers from 1 to 9. It is possible to wager up to 1$ whereas the minimum is 50 cents. There is another version named Win 4. And that happens with 4 drawing machines. The official site of New York updates the prizes constantly. 

Take 5

The players can choose 5 numbers out of 39 in this game. The price of a ticket is 1$. There are nightly drawings. The minimum jackpot is 169$ million. Players can visit the official website to get to know about the jackpot updates. 

Florida Lotteries

In Florida Lotteries, there are a few online lotteries and scratch cards. Some of them are as follows.

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Fantasy 5

The players need to choose 5 numbers out of 36 in this game. The order does not matter. If a player matches them in any order, he or she can win the grand prize of $200000. The game happens daily.

Florida Lotto

This has 6 numbers for the players to match in order from 1 to 53. The draw days are Wednesdays and Sundays. And the grand prize is $250000. The cost of a ticket is 1$ and another 1$ for additional plays. 


There are 5 numbers out of 60 to be chosen and a cash ball out of 4. The first and second winners can win 1000$ per day or per week respectively. This takes place nightly and is available in several states such as New York, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Texas Lotteries

Ranging from 1$ to 50$, there are scratch cards in Texas Lotteries. Players get various prizes including cash and free tickets for lotteries, sporting events, or tours. Some of the main lotteries here are as follows. 

Texas Two Step

This has a five-set matrix. That includes 4 numbers and 1 ball to be chosen from the numbers from 1 to 35. The draws take place on Mondays and Thursdays. The prizes range from 5$ to a dynamic jackpot. 

All or Nothing

Players need to choose 12 numbers out of 24. That determines the players’ fate in the first draw. The draws happen from Monday to Saturday amounting to 24 times a week. The jackpot is 250000$. 

Cash 5

Players need to choose 5 numbers from balls up to 35. The draws take place daily. The cost of a ticket is 1$. And the jackpot is $25000.


There might be readers out there wondering how to play them from India. First, players need to visit a website where it is possible to play lotteries. Then, they can choose the lottery, select the numbers, provide their information and do the purchase. 

This article focused on some of the main USA lotteries. It discussed the two main international lotteries from America and some other state lotteries. We wish all our readers out there good luck!