Top 10 Amazing Facts OF Landscaping and Lawn Care Industry

Top 10 Amazing Facts OF Landscaping and Lawn Care Industry

Landscapes and lawns are important because they contribute to your well-being and quality of life. Also, one of the important factors that help in increasing your property’s value is having a lovely landscape. Apart from this, having a beautiful, appealing lawn provides several advantages and benefits.

It can serve as a place for recreation, relaxation, and leisure. You can easily earn cash if you have an enormous property that can be used as an events venue. Also, it can improve the overall temperature in the area as places with lots of foliage and trees are a great refuge from the blistering heat of the summer.

If you want to harness all these benefits, it’s important to direct your attention toward lawn care. You must follow the Landscape and Lawn Care Industry Trends to make your lawn look beautiful and up to date according to the latest landscape designs.

Top 10 Amazing Facts OF Landscaping and Lawn Care Industry

Listed below are 10 facts of landscaping and lawn care industry you may not have known before.

Amazing Fact #1

An average household owner spends approximately 4 hours per week taking care of their lawn. Depending on where you live it is approximately 150 hours in cooler climates and 208 hours in warmer climates per year. If you break it down even further it is 5 to 8.5 days out of each year.

Amazing Fact #2

An average lawn has millions of grass plants. A typical lawn fills around six grass plants per square inch.

Since the average lawn size is about one-fifth of an acre, it means there is over 1.2 million square inches in a yard and over seven million grass plants in that particular yard.

So imagine how many grass plants there are on a golf course, where it is an average of 74 acres.

Top 10 Amazing Facts OF Landscaping and Lawn Care Industry

Amazing Fact #3

Lawns are great oxygen producers. They are about three times more effective when compared to trees. Also, their season to produce oxygen is much longer.

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Even a small sized lawn (40 ft. x 40 ft.) releases enough oxygen in the atmosphere daily to meet the needs of a family of four members for 24 hours.

Lawn absorbs ozone, carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, and other toxins thus purifying the air.

Amazing Fact #4

Australia undoubtedly is the landscape capital of the world. They have the most national parks in the world and employ more landscapers when compared to any other country.

Top 10 Amazing Facts OF Landscaping and Lawn Care Industry

If you need to break from the work and explore nature, you know where to head to.

Amazing Fact #5

The lawn is essential for many sports like tennis, golf, and cricket. Centre Court at Wimbledon in England, one of the most expensive lawn in the world is the home of tennis.

Although tennis players only use its court during the two weeks in July when the championship is going on, the club spends a lot of money and resource on lawn care and maintenance.

Amazing Fact #6

There are three different types of grass in the world namely Juncaceous (Rushes), Phocaea (Grasses) and Cyperaceous (Bulrushes, Sedges). Phocaea is the grass usually found in yards in the United States.

Top 10 Amazing Facts OF Landscaping and Lawn Care Industry

Amazing Fact #7

In the summer about 238 gallons of water is used for watering lawn per household. Approximately 66% of all water used in each household comes from watering the lawn. This number can vary depending on the weather.

For instance, during summer the water usage is high around 125 gallons and on cloudy days, the amount of water per yard is usually low around 10 gallons.

Amazing Fact #8

A landscape’s arrangement not only makes things beautiful but also tend to affect social behavior and environment. The famous saying that beauty is deeper than what we can see is probably true in this case. You must hire landscape maintenance services to make your lawn more lush green and attractive.

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Top 10 Amazing Facts OF Landscaping and Lawn Care Industry

Amazing Fact #9

Pink Flamingos are the most popular lawn decoration sold around the world. Most Shops in the US sell around 250,000 of these pink cute lawn ornaments every year.

Don Featherstone first designed these beautiful flamingos in 1957 and they rose to popularity in the 1980s

You can easily purchase a plastic pink flamingo for your front or back yard online for around $15 a set.

In order to give your lawn a little character, pink on green is a great color combination. In order to make your lawn picturesque, you must hire home landscaping services In order to make your lawn picturesque.

Top 10 Amazing Facts OF Landscaping and Lawn Care Industry

Amazing Fact #10

Grasslands make up over 20 % of vegetation that covers the earth. They dominate both temperate and tropical areas. Types of grasslands include savannas, prairies, steppes, and pampas.

Grasslands are easily found on every continent in the world. Grass might not be the most popular ecological cause compared to trees but many scientists still work to preserve these areas.


Some of these facts can help you put more thought in your landscaping ideas; while others are just interesting things to know. You should always seek to learn as much as you can about your landscape and lawn in order to make it more serene and beautiful. Trying out new things can be risky, so always remember to hire professional services to help with your landscape and lawn.