Bride Instagram Ideas_ 10 Wedding Post Themes

wedding post themes

This article has been written by Melisa Marzett who works for writing services at revision service as essay writer. Almost all modern people have two lives – the real one and the one that flows on social networks. Fortunately, not everyone prefers the second to the first. But there are reasons worthy of using popular resources, and a wedding is among them. If you are carefully preparing for the celebration and want your best wedding post themes online, this article will help you turn your profile into a wedding Instagram account for inspiration!

Engagement: Instagram Wedding post themes Ideas


An original marriage proposal is the first important reason to take an amazing photo for Instagram. The engagement ring will be in the spotlight. But for the engagement post to come out really cool, and not boastful and unattractive, you should use maximum opportunities. So, here are some ideas on how to take a photo of the Instagram ring:

  • with your beloved – a romantic shot will turn out if you involve the groom. You need to take a picture of how you hold hands. There should be no distracting details except the engagement ring in the frame!
  • engagement ring in a bouquet – most likely together with a ring you will receive a luxurious bouquet of flowers. Create an original composition by placing a gift in a bud or on petals.
  • hand of the bride – if the proposal to get married was voiced in a beautiful place – on the top of the mountain, by the sea, by the waterfall, on a trip, use the beauty around! Just take a photo of the hand with the decoration on a picturesque background.
  • a ring with a pet – a very touching photo for Instagram will be if, for example, your beloved dog was nearby with you. The animal can be stroked with a hand on which an engagement ring is worn or an ornament can be placed on a sweetly sleeping muzzle.

Wedding invitations: photo to warming up

wedding invitation

Wedding invitations are the first decor element that will become the basis for the photo idea of your wedding post themes. It is especially good if the photos of wedding invitations are accompanied by a text about the style in which you will have a celebration. A series of shots will look spectacular if you make your own wedding invitations. First photograph the materials, then the process, and then the final result. To make the photo of wedding invitations aesthetically pleasing, use a beautiful background – a wooden table or floor, as well as additional decor for the photo:

  • satin or paper ribbons, casually scattered around the postcard, will look beautiful;
  • plants or fruits – leaves, flowers, grass, spikelets – depending on the style of the wedding and the time of year;
  • envelopes for wedding invitations – even if you do not plan to use envelopes, the message will be correctly transmitted in the photo on Instagram: for example, get an invitation from an envelope or sign an envelope, and let the card lie nearby.

Photo of a manicure for a wedding: beauty-ideas for your Instagram

wedding post themes

Photos depicting the design of nails is what girls pay attention to on social networks. A correctly made photo of manicure will allow you to add colors to your Instagram account for inspiration of brides.

  • beautiful manicure and dress – why look for some kind of background if the best one is already there, and this is a wedding dress. You can take a picture when the bride holds the dress in her hands so that you can see the nail design, or you can take a photo of the manicure already wearing the dress – put your hands on the waist, straighten the train, hold the edge of the dress.
  • photo a wedding manicure with a bouquet is the best option for an Instagram picture – this is the moment when the bride holds a bouquet in her hands – here you can show the flowers and the pictures on the nails will be visible.
  • manicure with a hairstyle – the bride straightens her hairstyle and kills two birds with one stone – you can see both nails and styling.
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Wedding dresses: error-free photo

wedding post themes

Most often, the photo of the wedding dress, which is the first picture of the bride made at the wedding, gets on social networks. And it is made from the phone. Unprofessional. Most likely – in a restaurant or, at best, after the ceremony. And, most likely, it was not published by you! With this unsuccessful shot, the whole secret of your outfit will be revealed, and it will be too late to make a first impression! Here are some tips on what photos of wedding dresses should be posted on Instagram by the bride at the beginning of the holiday:

  • a great idea for Instagram is a snapshot of a wedding dress without a bride. It can hang on a hanger with proper lighting in the hotel room where the training will take place, or it can be nicely laid out on the bed.
  • photos of wedding dresses in the mirror – the bride may already appear here, standing with her back to the camera. Thus, a certain secret will be present: after all, the main wedding frames are yet to come.

Photos of rings from the civil registry office: the ceremony of marriage in detail

The civil registry office walls and the carpet are not the decors to look for wedding inspiration on Instagram. The best way to talk about you already said “yes” is to take a photo of the engagement rings.

  • wedding rings and hands – and again hold hands! The groom can hug the bride by the waist, and she can hold his hands – this will be seen both her and his ring;
  • funny photos with wedding rings – a sense of humor – this is what will decorate your Instagram! You can draw funny faces on your fingertips or write “just married”. Show your happy fingers and tell everyone about the wonderful event!
  • wedding rings in the book – you probably know a photo idea with rings hidden among the pages. And those, in turn, are jammed in the shape of a heart. How beautiful is that!

Cinderella’s wedding: Instagram photos of wedding shoes

wedding post themes

  • steeper dresses on wedding pictures can only get shoes! Be sure to complement your own wedding blog on Instagram with a beautiful photo of shoes. Photos with wedding shoes:
  • photo of wedding shoes with a bouquet – the brand new shoes with a bouquet of the bride will look neatly and gently on the wedding photo. Try to arrange the frame in different ways: flowers lie, shoe stand next to each other, shoes stand heel to each other, and the bouquet is in the background, etc.
  • top view – one shoe stands, the other lies on its side.
  • wedding shoes with inscriptions on the soles are a very cool photo idea and a beautiful way to share your favorite quote. Write your favorite phrase about love or lines from a poem on your wedding shoe.
  • shoes in tulle – use a veil as a background – nothing more and look good.

    Bride`s bouquet: photo for a beautiful wedding post themes
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Flowers are what looks beautiful in and of themselves. A photo of the bride’s bouquet doesn’t need additional decor at all! The bride can hold the treasured flowers in her hands – against the background of the dress, or you can photograph the wedding bouquet separately, choosing good lighting and a simple background – for example, a wall or a beautiful chair.

Flower decoration photo

wedding post themes

Flower decoration is the richest source for photos and even a theme for a separate Instagram account. In their brides can make several posts about flower decoration, use a series. Do not forget to provide subscribers with a photo report with:

  • banquet hall photo;
  • photo of the decor of the visiting ceremony;
  • photo design photo zone at the wedding.

Instagram Cake Photo: Sweet Inspiration for a Wedding

A wedding cake photo will decorate your account and subscribers’ feed! Most likely, the cake is a separate reason for pride at your wedding, an original masterpiece. Give it a separate wedding post themes.

  • wedding cake photo – you can take a picture in beautiful light – for example, in the light of a spotlight. The cake in this case will look like a royal!
  • the bride and groom cut the cake – a magical moment worthy to be captured!
  • kisses and hugs on the background of the wedding cake – a photo idea for Instagram, which allows you to talk about everything at once – and about the wedding, about your relationship, and about a sweet masterpiece.

Photo of gifts for guests

Photos of bonbonnieres – wedding gifts for guests – will perfectly complement your Instagram wedding story. The beauty of this object for taking pictures is that there are many gifts, and they are the same. No need to come up with a complicated composition – just shoot a photo!

With our recommendations, the profile of any bride can be a beautiful role model and inspiration! Let your wedding photos be worthy not only of the Instagram wedding account but also of the magazine cover!