Why should you buy progressive lenses online??

These are the lens which is also known as a multifocal lens because it has three prescriptions in one pair of glasses. These are the glass which helps in reading the book, watching the television or computer, or can be driven easily. This means that these lenses allow the vision of close-up, middle-distance and the distance viewing can be occurred without changing the glass. The progressive lenses are more traditional which include the bifocal and the trifocal lenses in which telltale lines are present in the lens. These lenses are also known as the “no-line trifocal” instead of “no-line bifocal”. These lenses are more preferred in the old age especially to men that’s why also known as men’s prescription glasses.

Who uses Progressive lenses?

These are those type of lens which can be worn by anyone those having the vision problem. It is more commonly used in the diseases Presbyopia which may be defined as the eye diseases caused by loss of elasticity of lens in long sightedness and commonly occur in the old age. These lenses are used by the people whose ages may be above 45 years or older. These are a lens which contains both the type of lens like the concave or convex lens so it can solve near and long sightedness problem in one lens.

There are some tips for adjusting to progressive lenses.

  • You have to choose a good quality optical shop or Voogueme online prescription glasses having the best quality of the lens.
  • Pick up the good frame and check whether the lenses are perfectly centered over your eyes or not.
  • For full adjustment of these glasses, this will take one to two weeks. Even it may take over one month.
  • These are used after the prescription of doctor’s.
  • You have to stop wearing other glasses which help in quicker adjustment.
  • Try to wear new glasses as often as possible.
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Benefits of progressive lenses

These lenses are also known as trendy glasses as it solves many problems in one glass. These are those types of the lens which consist more than one lens in the same glass like in upper side convex lens and lower side concave lens due to which near and long sightedness problem can be solved by one glass. By using these types of lens, you don’t need to have more than one pair of glasses. These lenses allow the vision of close-up, middle-distance and the distance viewing which means help in easily reading of the book, driving as well as watching the TV and the laptop. These are the lenses which look like the same as regular glass and also favorite frame can be chosen by you. By using the progressive lens, you don’t need to swap between your reading and regular glasses.

Drawbacks of Progressive Lenses

There are some drawbacks of these glasses which involve that they take a long duration for adjustment. People avoid this type of lens due to the adjustment as look from the lower side for reading a book, for distance viewing you have to look straight ahead. People feel difficult to use these types of lenses and some will be never adjusted.

Another disadvantage may be the cost factor means these lenses are much expensive.

Types of progressive lenses

These are the lenses which help in the correction of presbyopia. They have the ability to increase the vision and the strength of your eyes. They give a youthful appearance and are more functional. The entire progressive lenses are not the same, as they may be different in price, brand, function, and size. Below are some types of progressive lens;

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Standard progressive lenses- these are the lenses which allow the wide area for reading but the frame may be enough size which allows enough vertical height to give a smooth transition from a distance. They are expensive but still quite affordable. These are the alternative of bifocals and trifocals.

Short-corridor progressive lenses- these lenses require the perfect or skilled optician which can fit the lens properly into small frames. These are more expensive than the standard lens. They do not allow the wide area for reading. It may cause distortion when you look outside of the corridor. By using these lenses you can choose a smaller frame.

Computer progressive lenses- these are designed in such a way that they are beneficial in the office works that’s why known as “office lenses”. These are helpful for those people who have been using the computer for more than 8 hours and also for who want clear vision at a near distance like dentists, editors, hairdressers, painters, and draftsmen.

Premium progressive lenses- these are made in such a way that allows both the eye work together. They provide 100% clear vision without distortion. This lens can be fitted in your favorite eyeglass frame and much easier to adapt. They are also referred to as “free- from design”.