10 Mesmerizing Beauties of Bali

10 Mesmerizing Beauties of Bali

What can be better and mesmerizing then being in a magical land of Bali for your vacations or honeymoon? The place has a lot to offer to the travellers. The place is so mesmerizing and magical that you won’t feel like coming back from Bali. You would actually wish that the vacations would never end! Actually, Bali is much more than a place and there are a lot of Happening Places in Bali.

Bali is very beautiful, and hence popular. Well, the very popular beaches and destinations in Bali like Kuta, Denpesar, Ubud, and so on are its gems. Due to its geographical wonders and incredible beauty, Bali is most famous as The Island of Gods. This beauty is far from the crowd of popular tourists attractions. Some effort surely goes in un-boxing mesmerizing spots of any place, especially when it is as beautiful as Bali is. Bali is always a good idea; so, make sure that you make the best of your trip if you are considering Balifor Honeymoon in September. Here we offer the ten mesmerizing beauties of the equally beautiful Bali.

Bhuana Sari Waterfall

These waterfalls are the most spectacular and beautiful waterfalls in Bali. Some people have this notion that Bali is merely a beach destination. Undoubtedly it is, but it is bestowed with waterfalls also that are worth visiting. Though it is not much explored by people, its untouched beauty is remarkable. The chirping of birds mixed with the sound of water is the perfect combination for a lovely romantic honeymoon. Being here is the best chance to experience the charm of Mother Nature.

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Kanto Lampo waterfalls are the most majestic waterfalls in Bali best known for meditation. The location of the falls is quite unique; also, they are considered as promising for the neighboring villages for being the source of income from the tourists and travelers. Things are in perfect harmony over here- a clear beautiful serene river, mighty mountains, and the soothing sound of flowing water. For locals, there is a Hindu temple for prayers.

Fresh air, picturesque mountains, water in its gentle flow, and a clear beautiful river,everything over here is in perfect harmony-.  There is a Hindu temple as well where locals come and pray. Well, these falls are surely the perfect amalgamation of culture and nature, and this place surely shall not be missed.

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The Mesmerizing Hues of Yellow and Oranges

Now, Bali has this Village called the DesaTemuks or Temuks Village. This place is blessed with beautiful orange and yellow flowers; it is just beautiful blossoming with yellow and orange marigold flowers. These flowers are locally known as Gemitir. This place shall be visited before the harvesting season sets off to enjoy watching the beautiful flowers in the lush flower fields filled with the hues of yellow and orange. A perfect movie scene location it is!

The High CliffMelasti Beach

Being primarily a beach destination, there are many popular beaches for the tourists to sand bathe, to play water sports, to just relax around the beach. However, there is this hidden gem in the Southern Coast of Bali. The High cliff is a sight not to be missed for its spectacular and unique formations. No doubt it grabs the attention of photographers.

Mount Batur

If you are a morning person and you like to relax in the evening at the time of sunset, do visit Mount Batur. Pinggan village in Bali facilitates the most amazing and spectacular view of Mount Batur. One can experience the fierce splendidness of Mount Batur at sunset and sunrise. Not only this, the place has its charm during the night time as well. It is a perfect backdrop when the beautifully lit village and the star lit night come together.

Sambangan’s Secret Gardens

Bali is a lot more than a beach destination. There are waterfalls, there are religious spots, and there are beautiful gardens as well. One such majestic garden is the Secret Gardens of Sambangan. These gardens within lush rainforests of Bali are a chain of waterfalls and natural pools filled with cold spring water. It will take around three hours to discover and experience the magic of this astounding place. The village of Sambangan lies in far north Bali, and is lesser known

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Sukawati’s Sacred Canyon

Sukawati’s Sacred Canyon is incredibly beautiful and is a source of inspiration for artists, photographers, and even travelers and nature lovers. The place is both sacred and secret, and is a hidden gym as it is not known to many. The canyon shows abstract shapes and formations if someone is deeply focused to view it.

Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s Billabong isa superb natural infinity pool. If you are looking for Bali for Honeymoon in September, do keep this place in your list in Nusa Penida, a 90 min drive from Kuta, the most popular and visited attraction in Bali. It is not tough to reach here, so make sure to have fun in the pool’s crystal waters and emerald hues.

The Mende Hills: Come Out from the Comfort Zone

This is for those who have that adventure spirit. Also, it is the best reason to come out from the comfort zone for quite nature lover type travelers. The place is not that crowded, and so it is comfortable to hike.

TukadCepung Waterfall

TukadCepung Waterfall is a virgin one. Virgin means, lesser known to many. Well, all those nature lovers, this place is just paradise to get close to nature; occurrence of water rapids is possible, so careful and visit the place with prior knowledge of dos and don’ts.

Nusa Penida

From Kuta, drive for around 1.5 hours, and you will reach Nusa Penida. It is blessed island bestowed with beauty all around. There are some attractions that include religious temples, white sandy beaches, waterfalls, and snorkeling.

So, if you are planning a vacation in Bali, there are end numbers of mesmerizing places to experience with your partner.