3 Helpful and Easy Tips To Clean Your Chandeliers


Every person dreams to have a decent and aesthetic home. There are so many things that you can do to elevate the beauty of your house. For example, the paint on the walls, the flooring, the show pieces and whatnot. However, when it comes to the roof, no one can beat the beauty that a chandelier brings. Though chandeliers take the aesthetics of the roofs to the next level, they are hard to reach and not too simple to clean when they get dirty. A lot of people may avoid cleaning their chandeliers for those reasons even after knowing that chandeliers tend to get dirty quite easily.

To tackle this problem there are a lot of services out there from which you can take help like the baileyboys where you can hire chandelier cleaner as well as all sorts of specialist cleaners. Nonetheless, if you are someone who likes to do their work with their own hands, this article will turn out to be a great deal for you. In this article, we will be taking you through the 3 best tips to clean your chandeliers with caution and in the best manner possible. So, without further delay let’s learn.

1) Preparing the Area Underneath Chandelier

We expect you the know primary grade science enough to be aware of the phenomenon known as gravity. While you clean your chandelier always keep in mind that there is a lot more dust and debris on the chandelier than you would imagine solely because of their designs. Before you start cleaning your chandelier, lay a cloth big enough to cover a decent length of the area under the chandelier. This way all the dust and debris that you clean off of your chandelier, would fall on the covers you put.

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2) Cut off Power To the Chandelier

Getting in contact with an appliance which is electrically sourced can always have its dangers. This is exactly why you should always turn off your chandelier or break the power source any other way, before cleaning your chandeliers. Apart from the electrocution dangers, cleaning a chandelier that is turned on could be difficult and unpleasant as it may be hot or extremely bright on your eyes. So, always consider turning off your chandeliers before cleaning them.

3) Apply Chandelier Cleaner Solution

Cleaning a chandelier with a cleaning solution is the best way in order to regain the shining crystals of the chandelier. However, there are two cases that come in while cleaning. If your chandelier has no open wires then the best way to apply the cleaning solution is through a spray so that the solution goes to every corner and hinge that your fingers might not reach. Nonetheless, always keep in mind that only apply a spray if you know that your chandelier does not have any open wires. In case it does, you should be applying the cleaning solution with a damp cloth and try to reach all the dirty spots.