Tehseen Poonawalla Wiki, the Youth icon of today

Tehseen Poonawalla wiki

A well-known political analyst, news personality, anchor, and business person. He has been in quite the news for a long time. Both have been on an equal platter, for many controversies and his good deeds. He is continuing with his writing in different magazines and newspapers in their columns. With the Tehseen Poonawalla Wiki, he is known to be the youngest in the political field. With his analytical skills, Tehseen is well respected for his niche in sensitive matters. 

He is a famous anchor. Also, he is getting association with many channels like the News 18 Urdu, Zee News, and some other political news channels. He has mainly hosted various political views on these channels. He is a strong supporter of the Indian National Congress. However, another unknown fact about him is that he is a vibrant writer whose writing skills are great and makes a strong impact on the reader’s mind with a vivid viewpoint of the ongoing trend in the country. In other words, working on his latest book which will be his first to launch he is focused on it.

More about his early life

According to the Tehseen Poonawalla wiki, he was born on 24th May 1981 in Maharashtra. For instance, he is 40 years of age and therefore also a Gemini in the zodiac world.

Tehseen was always well known for his analytical presentations from his school days in Pune, the beautiful city where he was born. He did his schooling at a private Pune school and continued his higher education at the MIT Pune in political analysis studies. As an intern under Congress leader Suresh Kalmadi Tehseen, however, he joined as an anchor on a news channel. 

He is a popular personality on Twitter regarding the recent trends in the country’s political news. Being a youth himself, he has arranged various sessions with today’s youth, mentoring and motivating them on their future career. For instance, he also arranged sessions for the younger generation and used them to motivate and mentor them in their careers. Fans lovingly call him the Singing Star and Youth Icon of today.

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Let’s know about his family!

Poonawalla wiki, this keeps his attachment and compassion towards his family from childhood. His father, Sarfaraz Poonawala, was a well-known businessman of his time. And keeping his father’s trend, Tehseen too took to business very young and led it to success.  Yasmeen Poonawala, his mother, is very attached to Tehseen and shares a  special bond.

His younger brother Shehzad Poonawala is a lawyer by profession and a member of the AICC. He was just 5 years old when his father died, therefore he was on his own from a young age. Tehseen took care of his younger Shehzad after their father’s demise and are close to each other. 

Do you know about Tehseen Poonawalla Wiki’s wife?

Tehseen Poonawala married his girlfriend Monica Vadera in 2016, on 29th March. Tehseen and Monica started dating each other in 2013 they kept it private till their marriage. Monica is the cousin and sister of Robert Vadra, who is Priyanka Gandhi’s husband. Monica is a jewelry designer by profession and has a brand named MJV.

What makes him a Fitness Icon?

It is essential to know about the health and fitness of the celebrity, as that makes him more attractive and approachable to the masses. According to the Tehseen Poonawalla wiki, he is the youngest youth politician and businessperson who is a fitness freak in his way. He has inspired millions of youth on fitness, making life healthier. His approximate height is 5 feet 9 inches, which is 179 cm and his approximate weight is around 62 kg, which is 136 lbs. 

He has a chest of 42 inches, waist of 34 inches, and biceps of 13 inches. He regularly has his own time in the gym to maintain his fitness routine. With his black eyes and hair, his personality gets more enhanced with his fit body. 

Tehseen Poonawalla Wiki’s Net worth

With a net worth of 12 billion dollars, Tehseen is known to be one of the richest personalities in the country.. These are all from his earnings of being a businessman, a political figure, a columnist, and various other activities. 

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Some lesser-known Interesting facts

Whether positive or negative, facts make a much larger impression on the person in public. So below are a few of these facts about Tehseen Poonawalla, so let us know them in detail through the Tehseen Poonawalla wiki;

  • In 2019 Supreme court of India fined him for making a strong mocking comment on the Jian Guru, Tarun Sagar. 
  • In the same year, Smriti Irani accused him of passing sexual comments on her way back in the year 2016
  • On the other hand, more on the positive front, he had the biggest opportunity to work with the CWG of Delhi in the year 2010. 
  • He is presently working as a life coach in the TEDx speaker forum. 
  • In the famous reality show Bigg Boss 13, he was one of the contestants and was more popular to be the wild card entry contestant and had quite a mark on the audience’s hearts.  
  • The most special thing about his appearance is his beautiful tattoo of the Indian Flag on his hand. This shows his conviction for patriotism in his niche style. 
  • He and his younger brother have participated in the same show of Bhai vs. Bhai in 2018 and 2019 consecutively, which was on the Zee Urdu channel and was quite popular.

Wrapping up Tehseen Poonawalla Wiki’s life

So talking about Tehseen Poonawalla wiki, one can conclude that his life is always on a roller coaster of events, success, controversies, and working for the social norms for a better society. All these qualities make him a very varied and generous person from within and complete his personality from all ends. 

He is today’s inspiration for the younger generation, who are also leading towards a better India and would surely be more loving for more youth globally. Henceforth his success will grow with time and he will be a world icon soon without fail.