5 Ways Customer Portals Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

Customer Portals

Modern business is focused on the power of digital spaces. Online, customers can access a range of resources and tools that allow them to engage directly with your business and the products or services it offers. 

Effective, well-designed customer portals are the key to improving online customer experiences. Using a customer portal can help you grow your business, improving customer service and satisfaction. 

Here are 5 ways customer portals give your business a competitive edge!

1. Customer portals promote online engagement

Online, engagement is everything! Promoting customer engagement with your website is essential in growing your online presence and improving customer interactions. 

Customer portals can improve business health by providing clear calls to action and making it easier than ever for customers to engage with your business website. Customer portals can provide site visitors with access to resources, information, and even feedback avenues. 

Communicating directly with your customers in this way is the key to business development. You’ll learn more about your target market and how your business can serve its customers.  

2. Customer portals can boost web traffic

Customer portals are also a great way to boost web traffic, driving more users to your business website and improving brand awareness. 

Well-designed customer portals make it easy for customers to access the information they’re looking for, and they encourage site visitors to access multiple information channels. This means that customers are likely to stay on your site for longer. 

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Boosting web traffic is the key to getting more site hits in the future. Search engines rely on traffic and engagement rates to determine your site ranking, allowing you to show up in more online searches and reach even more potential customers. 

3. Customer portals allow for self-service

When you have a lot of customers, it can be challenging to serve them all. Introducing customer portals can reduce demand by allowing customers to serve themselves. 

Using an intuitively designed customer portal, customers can access and share information with ease. This means that they can often resolve their own problems without relying on customer care support. 

By including FAQs, how-to guides, and self-service tools in your customer portal, you can help customers help themselves. Time saved by self-service capabilities can be spent on other areas of your business. 

4. Customer portals are the key to cutting costs

Self-service and easy accessibility make customer portals highly effective in producing great results at a fraction of the price. Good portals cut costs!

When a large proportion of your customers are able to serve themselves via an online portal, you can reduce staffing costs, employing fewer customer care professionals. Effective customer portals can also allow for reduced administrative duties. 

In addition to time-saving benefits, customer portals can help you reduce business expenses by providing clear, easy-to-navigate systems and processes. You can use customer portal data to inform business practices, market research, and more.

5. Customer portals make service quick and easy

Customer service portals also benefit your customers by making service quick and easy to access. 

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Using a portal system, customers can access support and guidance quickly without waiting for a customer care team member to address their concerns. In many cases, this greatly reduces the time customers need to spend resolving issues. 

Good customer portals allow customers to find resolutions to their problems in real time, even when your business is closed. This means less waiting around and can play a key role in improving long-term customer satisfaction. 

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