Cleaning your Eyeglasses? Here is how to do it with Perfection

cleaning your eyeglasses

Cleaning your eyeglasses everyday is the way to protect them from scratches and other damages. But the question arrise, How to clean your eyeglasses and remove scratches? There are plenty of Optical tools & Supplies available to perfectly clean Spectacles and lenses.

We are discussing right and wrong ways to clean up glasses to make you understand better what to do and what to avoid.

Cleaning your Eye glasses

Go through the tips we are revealing to clean your eyeglass lenses and their frames without hurting or damaging them. These tips will help you to clean your eyeglasses including Sunglasses, Safety glasses and sports eyewear in great condition also.

Wash and dry your hands completely.

Prior to cleaning your eyeglasses, ensure your hands are completely clean from dirt, grime, moisturizer and whatever else that could be moved to your lenses. Use lotion free hand washer and dry your hands well with a towel.

Wash your glasses with a soft tap stream

This process will intially remove and other things stuck on your lense, which can save your lense from scratches. Don’t use hot water for this cleaning as hot water will damage coating from your eyeglasses.

Apply tiny drop of Dishwashing/soap

Use a tiny amount of dishwashing solution on lenses with a cotton bud or use finger tip for the process. Rub your lenses gentally so it cannot cause any scratches. Using lotion free solutions are more effective.

Rub Lenses for few seconds

You have to clean every part of your glasses including Lenses, Arms, nose pads and joints. Clean the joints properly because dust and other particles stuck here.

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Wash Glasses Properly

After you are done rubbing your glasses with a soft cotton, Wash your glasses from inside and outside properly. Remove the soap properly with your hands and soak your glasses in water for few minutes.

Dry the lenses with lint free towel

Utilize a kitchen towel that has not been washed with a cleansing solution or dryer sheet. A cotton towel that you use to clean mirrors is a decent decision. Ensure the towel is superbly perfect. Soil or garbage caught in the strands of a towel can scratch your focal points; and cooking oil, skin oil or salve in the towel will spread them.

Things not to DO

  • Try not to use your shirttail or other fabric to clean your glasses, particularly when the lenses are dry. This can causes scratches on your lenses.
  • Try not to utilize salivation to wet your focal points.
  • Try not to utiliz surface cleaners to clean your eyeglasses. These items contains ingredients those can harm eyeglass lenses and coatings.
  • Try not to utilize paper towels, napkins, tissues or bathroom tissue to clean your focal points. These can scratch or spread your focal points or leave them brimming with build up.
  • Try not to attempt to “buff away” a scratch in your focal points. This solitary exacerbates things.
  • In the event that faucet water isn’t accessible to wash your focal points before cleaning them, use a lot of the splash eyeglass cleaner to flush away residue and different flotsam and jetsam before cleaning the focal points dry.