Expanse Season 7: When Is This Due To Release?

Expanse Season 7

Most people love post-apocalyptic scientific fiction stories and shows. And they have enough reasons to. They are very chilling yet interesting. But there are very few shows made on an imagined future where humans have immense scientific development. And The Expanse is one such show. It takes place a hundred years from the present time (2015). Unlike most science fiction shows, this one doesn’t show the world as a destroyed planet. It shows how humans have taken over the solar system, a concept that is rarely explored. Since the series was such a refreshment when it first started, it attained a lot of fans. And even after seven years, people love it the same. So much so that fans are eager to know when Expanse Season 7 is going to be airing. If you are curious about the show and want to know more, keep reading.

Expanse Season 7

What is The Expanse?

It is one of the most interesting shows ever made. The first ever episode of this show aired on 23rd November 2015. One can’t really describe this series in one word or even a few as the concept is quite surreal. The story goes that earth has managed to take over all other planets except Mars. This planet is earth’s only contender, and they are at war with one another. The base of the plot itself is quite hard to digest as we have never seen planets at war. We have only read it in books and seen it in movies. But the series shows us human characters fighting in a war between two planets.

The main part of the series is about a missing woman. A rogue ship’s captain and hardened detective do their best to find this woman. But as most things are larger than life in this series, the captain and detective are forced to travel all across the solar system just to find this woman. And finally, this race leads them to uncover some of the biggest conspiracies ever known to mankind.

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The Expanse Cast And Crew

The show is amazing indeed, but none of it would be possible without the cast and crew of this series. Besides them, another person who is credited for this show is James S. A. Corey. He is the author of the book, The Expanse which inspired the series. The whole show is based on the show, and thus the whole credit for such an extraordinary story goes to James.

Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby developed the Expanse. It was produced by Robin Veith, Lynn Raynor, Manny Danelon, Alan Di Flore, Lewin Webb, and Jason F. Brown. The actors who have breathed life into the characters are Dominique Tipper, Frankie Adams, Steven Strait, Cara Gee, Wes Chatham, among others.

Expanse Season 7

Where can one watch The Expanse?

If you are interested in watching the series or perhaps even re-watch it from the beginning, you can do that on Amazon Prime Video. It is also the only platform where the show is available. It was previously available on the platform, Netflix but due to unknown reasons, it no longer is.

But not to worry, you can still watch The Expanse and eventually The Expanse Season 7 on Amazon Prime Video. In order to do that, however, you will require to have an Amazon Prime membership. You can buy this membership from the Amazon Shopping app. And you can choose the membership based on how long you want to be a Prime member. All you have to do is choose your membership and play online. This is a subscription-based membership. Hence if you want it for longer than a year, you need to pay again. Now, after you’re done paying for your membership, you’ll be a Prime member.

Once you are officially a Prime member, you have to install the Amazon Prime Video app or go on the website. Then you have to log into your Amazon account. And now you need to search ‘The Expanse’ on the search bar. The results will show you the series as an option. Now you can either start with the first episode of the first season or re-watch it from any season you wish to.

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Expanse Season 7 Release

The latest season of the show came out in late 2021. Expanse Season 7 has been a hot topic of discussion among the show’s fans. There have been six seasons of the show now, and fans are eager for a seventh season.

Recently, Amazon renewed the show for a seventh season. They were also the ones to renew the show for a sixth season which premiered on 10th December, 2021. And the seventh season of the series is set to release in November 2022. However, the actual release date might differ from the estimated one by a few days or weeks.

Expanse Season 7

Final Thoughts

The Expanse has been quite a refreshing series to watch after countless post-apocalyptic science fiction shows. It gave the audience a different outlook that, after a century, we might develop a lot. There’s still a lot we don’t know about the solar system, and it is exciting to imagine a world where we do.

The Expanse Season 7 comes out at the end of 2022, so make sure to stay updated on the news about the series. It is going to be the final and the most anticipated season of the show. t is a great show to watch, and we hope you have a great time watching it if you haven’t already. What do you think of this article on The Expanse? Tell us in the comments below.