Karma Quotes To Show You The Power Of The Cosmos!

karma quotes

Not everyone believes in the power of the cosmos, but there is definitely an energy that surrounds us and the way the world revolves. We often overlook this and name it as coincidence, but is it really a coincidence? Or is it Karma doing its job! If you, too, are looking for some great karma quotes to put up as your status, look no further than this segment!

Today, we will talk about karma quotes and give you a vivid explanation about each of them, telling you the appropriate place you dedicate it to. So, anticipating, are you? Read on to know more!


6 Best Karma Quotes

The famous always tell us, what goes around comes around, but do we actually believe in that? The fact is whether or not you believe in them, the thing is supposed to happen, and it happens because of Karma.

Let’s check out some of the best-handpicked quotes that I’ve got for you. Here are the following:

1.     Karma & Existence

‘If you believe in Karma, remember you will exist and there will be changes around you. If you don’t believe in Karma, still it will exist – Karma is not affected by your belief.’

I’ve actually come across people like this many times! They think what they don’t believe doesn’t exist. The belief is a lot like ‘I close my eyes and don’t see anything, and the world is not able to see me either.

But that’s not what happens; whether you believe in it or not, Karma will exist, and you will be getting the result of it each time.

2.     Karma & Self-Confidence

‘What wrong you do will be done to you because Karma exists.’

If you live in the confidence that what you do is right and you can never go wrong no matter what you do, then my friend, it’s time you start to rethink! Something wrong that is happening to you today is because you have done something in the past.

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Somewhere you may have knowingly or unknowingly must have done something that has resulted in the circumstance you are facing. So, never be overconfident that you have not done anything wrong! Always recall and think of the past, and you will surely come up with the reason why you are in this position today.

3.     Karma & Loneliness

‘Vindictive people will not be spared by the law of Karma. If not today, but tomorrow they will be alone, all alone in their life.’

Karma spares no one. There are many vindictive people in the world who think they will be spared by Karma! But that does not happen, eventually, with time, they will realize the power of Karma, but it might be too late because Karma has a weird way of playing games with people’s lives. They end up making people absolutely lonely and sad. And by the time the person realizes, it becomes too late! So, if you are thinking about the vindictive people around you, remember Karma is there to play its own game. However, as good people, we should never stop reminding them that what they are doing is not right!

4.     Karma & Its Results

‘Karma works quickly. If you are virtuous, you will be blessed, if you are non-virtuous, you will be cursed.’

The way karma works is extremely fast and quick. Every action you do will get an equal action, and there is no way that you will be spared. So, always try to be virtuous, and you’ll see the blessings Karma comes with. Eventually, you will realize that being virtuous is the only way to survive and be happy in life.

5.     Karma & Your Future

‘Karma works in a strange manner. You can be the most powerful person in the world but your cruelty will not be spared. If you hurt or be revengeful towards anyone, you will eventually see the outcome in your life, if not today, then definitely tomorrow.’

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Karma has a strange way of playing games with our lives. At times, we unknowingly do certain things, and that is forgiven by Karma always! But things that we do on purpose will be given back to us. If you think doing harm to someone will spare us, then you are in the wrong notion, my friend. You will come out of this today, but tomorrow you will not be spared.

So, always beware of your actions, and you never know how Karma plays a role in your life and what the result turns out to be!

6.     Karma & Revenge

‘Sometimes when people hurt you or say things that break your heart, you think of taking revenge. But when you have Karma, don’t worry about revenge. Karma’s actions are the best revenge.’

This is among the karma quotes that is the last and personally is my favorite one. If you are thinking about taking revenge on the people who have hurt you, then you can leave that to Karma. The way this power and energy works, you wouldn’t have to put in the effort to take revenge. Eventually, the person who has hurt you will come to you, and you will see the downfall in front of you.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you have 6 superb karma quotes to share with your friends and family. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Karma or not; the action of this is quick and very effective. Do share these with your friends and family, and don’t forget to let me know in the comment section below which one of the quotes is personally your favorite.