Tips To Make You a Winner When Betting on the Caulfield Cup

the Caulfield Cup

There are lots of major horse racing events right around the world, and one of the countries that has some of the biggest is Australia, in particular during Springtime is when you will find a lot of the major horse racing events. There is pretty much a major event on every Saturday, and one of the most popular horse races has got to be the Caulfield Cup. 

The Caulfield Cup is so popular that it even brings in a lot of people that are looking to place a bet on the race. Betting is becoming very popular right around the world, and if you are looking to place a bet, then you need to ensure you have all the right tools to be as successful as you can. If you are betting, it is known to provide even more enjoyment when watching the sport, especially if you can back a winner! 

You should also try to stick to the sports you have the most interest in. If you are looking to spice things up, and try something a little bit different, then it is important you have a look at this article, as we will provide you with tips to make you a winner.

So, if you are looking to be a winner when it comes to the world of Caulfield Cup and betting, then make sure you have a look below at some of our best tips:

Get Help From The Experts

The best tip we can give you is to get assistance from the experts. There are so many horse racing experts out there that their sole job is to provide tips for horse racing events. So, if you are new to the world of horse racing, you don’t just have to take a stab in the dark. Make sure you have a look around online and see what the experts are tipping for the big race, so when you place your bets on the Caulfield Cup, you have a greater chance of success!

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In-Form Trainer

There are many influences on a horse, but the major one has got to be from the trainer. There are many different horse trainers in Australia, but not all of them are created equal. So, before you place your bet, it is a good idea to see how the trainer of each horse has been performing as of late. They may have a good record specifically at the track you are looking to place your bet, or even with the jockey that will be riding the horse throughout the race.

Red-Hot Jockey

While the trainer does have a lot of influence over the horse, when it comes to the race specifically, the only person who is incontrol of the horse is the jockey. This means you want to ensure that the jockey has a good track record, and even a good relationship with the horse it is riding. Another thing you could look at is the weight of the jockey, obviously the lighter the weight, the easier it is for the horse to ride.

Don’t Just Stick With The Favorite

Probably one of the biggest rookie mistakes you can make. It is easy to get sucked into looking solely at the odds and think, “well, if this horse has the shortest odds, it has the greatest chance of winning”. It doesn’t always work out like that, and there are many other things you need to look at other than the odds. The odds do play a role, but just picking the favorite day in and day out won’t make you a winner.