DaBaby Net Worth, Early Life, Career

DaBaby Net Worth

DaBaby is a name that rolls through the world of hip-hop recently. From his early mixtapes to top-charted songs, he has amassed fans with his every beat. But along with that, DaBaby net worth has also a modest figure. In this article, you’ll get to know about this Ohio rapper’s fortune and career overview.

Who is DaBaby?

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, widely known as DaBaby, is a hip-hop rapper from America. He gained widespread fame for his mixtapes initially. But his rise to mainstream can be attributed to his breakout single “Suge.” With a massive blow, it introduced him globally. The rapper has headlined multiple times with his concert tours.

So far, he has four studio albums released. There are thirty mixtapes of DaBaby, for which he’s mostly got famous, and 134 singles to date. Additionally, he has been a featured artist on some of the popular artist’s songs or MVs.

DaBaby Net Worth

Though DaBaby didn’t win any Grammy yet, he got nominations two times. And he won some other awards along with one Billboard Music Award.

Some quick info about DaBaby:

Full Name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk
Other Nickname Baby Jesus
Born December 22, 1991 (age 31 years)
Birthplace Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Profession Rapper
Genre Hip Hop, Trap
Listen On Spotify, YouTube
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Net Worth $5 Million

What is DaBaby Net Worth 2023?

As of 2023, Jonathan aka DaBaby owns around $5 million. It may seem a modest amount comparing other similar artists. But it surely a great fortune for DaBaby himself. Most of his earnings are forms his album sales and music streaming platforms.

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Even if his net worth is not figured highly, DaBaby is extensively popular on different streaming platforms. His music has billions of listeners. To say, on Spotify alone, he has actively more than 30.7 monthly listeners. He has also millions of subscribers and billions of views on YouTube. That can easily bring him $200K-$300K in revenues per month.

Early Life

Born in December 1991, in Cleveland, Ohio, DaBaby grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. He studied at Vance High School and graduated from there in 2010. He didn’t complete his university studies, even though he attended for two years.

From the beginning, Kirk was so into different musical genres like R&B, and hip-hop. He was a huge fan of Eminem and Lil Wayne. He kept trying and releasing mixtapes for four years consistently. And eventually, he made it to his debut studio album.

Music Career: Major Source Behind DaBaby Net Worth

Kirk aka DaBaby, started his music journey in 2014. His passion for music led him to release his debut mixtape titled “Nonfiction” in 2015, under the name”Baby Jesus.”

He kept going, dropping more mixtapes like “God’s Work,” “Baby Talk,” and “Billion Dollar Baby,” continuously till 2018.

Everything changed when he met Arnold Taylor, who was a big deal in the music world. Arnold saw Kirk performing at clubs in North Carolina. They teamed up, and it was a game-changer. Kirk’s music got more attention, and he started finding his own style.

DaBaby Net Worth

With Taylor’s help, Kirk got a chance to work with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. This was his big moment in late 2018. After that, he got an amazing deal with another major label, Interscope.

Debut Album

In 2019, Kirk’s dream became even bigger. He started his own label, Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment. Then, he dropped his first official album, “Baby on Baby.” People loved it because of songs like “Suge.”

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This album made it to the top 25 on the charts. and the rapper was even on the cover of XXL’s Freshman Class of 2019 for this.

Collaborations and Further Success

The new rap superstar then collaborated with other famous artists. Like Megan Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa, or Lil Baby.

In 2020, Kirk’s fame kept growing. He released his third album called “Blame It on Baby.” People had mixed feelings about it, but it still did really well on the charts. He had a song called “Rockstar” that stayed on top of the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks.

He was on a roll, even doing remixes with other famous artists like Jack Harlow. 2021 and beyond have been full of surprises too. The rapper released his new music like “Masterpiece”. Again in 2022, he’s still going strong. He dropped a mixtape and another album, “Baby on Baby 2.”


Record Label

Besides being a rapper, DaBaby has his own record label. Currently, it has five active artists. As an owner apparently, he makes money from this too. From record sales to other revenues, DaBaby earns from every source related to the company.


Who owns billion dollar baby?

Ohio native and hip-hop rapper, DaBaby owns Billion Dollar Baby. It’s his own record label.

How much did Baby on Baby 2 sell?

The fourth studio album of DaBaby, Baby on Baby 2 had 17,200 units sold.

How many cars does DaBaby own?

In his car collection, the rapper has six cars, of which three are three Lamborghinis.

Final Thoughts

As a popular rapper, DaBaby net worth is just a reflection of his success. From the beginning, he wanted to be a rapper and he made it happen. Earning millions may not be his dream, but winning millions of hearts definitely is. And his fortune will expand more as he stays active in music.