How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Earrings for Your Face Shape?

There are several different shapes of faces. If you have a square head, you should avoid geometrical shapes and trinkets that highlight the sharpness of your jawline. Instead, choose long necklaces and dangling earrings. These shapes will help you achieve a balanced look and enhance your features.

Avoid geometrical-formed earrings

The best style of earrings for your head shape is not necessarily the most unusual one. Heart-formed head types should avoid geometrical-formed jewelry. Heart-formed faces are generally soft and curved. They benefit from chandeliers or long earrings, which balance out the lower half. Avoid studs, which accentuate your roundness.

People with square and diamond-formed heads should avoid geometrical-formed jewelry. They will clash with their clothing and give them a disjointed look. Opt for long, dangling earrings in rounded forms and bright colors. For a rounder, more feminine look, choose dangling or drop jewelry like pendants. They will flatter your form without drawing undue attention to the edges of your head.

When choosing jewelry, keep in mind your head form. If you have a round face, choose dangling jewelry to bring out your features. Long and sleek earring designs will balance out the shape of your face, and they will help you look younger! In addition, fanned earrings and ear studs will balance out your features.

Wear long necklaces with gentle curves

For this shape, you can wear longer necklaces with gentle curves that draw the eye down. A long necklace with a wide pendant or a dangling, eye-catching linear pendant will soften the prominent jawline. Choker lengths and collar lengths shorten the neck, but they widen the throat.

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If your head is oval, avoid jewelry with round edges, like circle or teardrop formed ones. Instead, opt for smaller pieces like the ones from Mimi’s Jewelry or long, curved necklaces. Choose a necklace with soft curves and a soft curved shape, a long necklace that reaches above the collarbone will accentuate your head form and not make you feel bad about yourself at all.

Wear dangle earrings

For a diamond face, the width of a pair of dangle jewelry should balance the facial features. Wider jewelry will fill out the lower half of your head and balance out your natural features. Choose a pair that is medium to long in length. Long, thin heads are best complemented by jewelry with an angular or rounded form.

A woman with an oval head form has a wide forehead and narrow cheekbones. As a result, she can wear almost any style of earring without feeling overbearing. A simple hack to help you choose the right pair is to draw a silhouette of your face with your hair in back. Then, use the outline of your face to select the appropriate pair of jewelry.

Wear hoop earrings

Hoop jewelry comes in all forms and sizes, but some are more flattering than others. When it comes to adorning your head, hoop jewelry that is too wide or too long can throw off facial symmetry. Also, consider your hair length and work dress code. This way, you can choose the perfect earrings for your head shape and overall look.

A heart-formed head is characterized by a prominent forehead, tapering jaw, and a pointed chin. Asymmetrical hoops like the ones found here can help level out this angularity, and the smaller diameter of the earring will draw attention away from the chin and make your head appear longer.

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Wear long necklaces

The best way to style long necklaces is to wear them with a smaller head shape. For instance, people with a heart-formed head should choose a long pendant necklace, while those with an oval-formed head should go for a short necklace. A long pendant necklace will draw attention away from the length of the jawline, which is a common feature of people with a long head.

If you have an oval-formed head, you can wear long necklaces to accentuate your features. The most flattering necklace length is twenty-inch or shorter, which sits on the collarbone and flatters all head shapes. Necklaces that are longer can make you look sexier and more feminine. If you have a round-formed face, long necklaces will enhance your features.