Top 10 Places To Buy Earrings In The USA

Shopping for jewelry can be challenging, especially if you’ve particular needs or sophisticated tastes. Despite thousands of online vendors, you can never find the pieces that match your fashion sense. It is especially challenging with widely worn accessories like earrings. 

If you’ve trouble finding a good pair of earrings, do not worry; we have a solution. After in-depth research, we’ve collected the top 10 places to buy earrings in the USA. Say goodbye to searching through hundreds of pairs to find one that matches your style. 

But before diving into the list, here’re some tips to ensure your earring-shopping experience is successful. 

Helpful Pointers For Earring Shopping


The main material is important, especially if you have sensitive ears. If you’ve ever had an allergic reaction to earrings, the metal is likely the culprit.

Therefore, go for safe choices like platinum, titanium, and Niobium. Gold and silver are also good choices. It’ll also do you well to ensure you have the right gemstones adorning the metals. So do not be afraid of a little research on gemstones. 


There’re many earring styles in the market, from elegant chandeliers to simple studs and charming teardrops. The possibilities are endless, which can get a little confusing.

That said, getting the style that works for you is crucial. Many people often consider their face shapes to determine the best style. However, you can find creative ways to wear different styles with a little research. 


Create a realistic budget for your earrings. Note that if you want metals like platinum, you may have to spend more. 

In addition, if the earrings are adorned with gemstones or diamonds, they’ll significantly affect the price. Therefore, make these considerations before setting a budget. It’ll help you plan and ensure you’re satisfied. 


And finally, consider what you’re shopping for. Are you looking for earrings that’ll complement your formal or casual outfits? Or are you shopping for earrings you can wear on a night out or to the office? These considerations will help narrow down your choices significantly. Learning about earring styles should help you come up with solutions to these questions. 

10 Places to Buy Earrings in the USA


If you’re looking for classy, sophisticated, simple designs, then Angara earrings will not disappoint. The retailer has beautiful earrings hand-crafted from high-quality metals, including white gold, silver, yellow gold, and platinum. 

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The earrings range from subtle studs to chic hoops and elegant chandeliers. The thoughtful designs come adorned with lovely gemstones. Shoppers can pick from a rainbow of precious and semi-precious gemstones, including amethyst, rubies, sapphires, black onyx, and many more. You can shop by gemstone shape and carat weight.

Jennifer Behr

Jennifer Behr is the go-to place for earrings that’ll make a statement. The brand initially developed success thanks to its line of beautiful hair accessories. However, they now provide lovely earrings for every occasion.

Their earrings are handcrafted for a lightweight feel. This also allows them to move gracefully with the wearer, which is handy because their earrings are the epitome of bejeweled pieces. You’ll find large studs sporting crystals and cascading antiques with brightly-shining rubies, emeralds, and other gemstones.


Mejuri specializes in a line of fine and semi-fine pieces. This applies to their earrings, which range from stylish studs to charming drop earrings and elegant hoops. 

The brand uses yellow gold, gold vermeil, and sterling silver to create its pieces. In addition, pearl, opal, and diamond are their top stones for adorning their lovely creations.  

Mejuri is a store for modern accessory lovers in a fast-paced lifestyle. The intricate but practical designs perfectly fit into this context without sacrificing style. 


If you’re a budget shopper looking for something unique with great visuals, then you’ll appreciate all Etsy offers. The website has hundreds of sellers with handcrafted earrings ideal for any occasion and style.

From quirky, playful pieces to charming, elegant styles, there’s nothing you cannot find on Etsy. Many sellers make earrings from hypoallergenic materials. In addition, you can find sellers making custom jewelry. The vast price range’s a plus that improves the shopping experience. 

Charming Charlie

Cute earrings that are always affordable are what you’ll find at Charming Charlie. Many of their pieces retail at $20 or less but retail their visual appeals.  

Charming Charlie has bold statement earrings with beautiful beads, plain metal interlocking hoops, rhinestone drop earrings, geo shape studs, and many more. Gold, rhinestones, beads, and silver make up their pieces. 

Their website makes shopping easier with price, style, and color categories. This is the perfect place to shop for a specific pair of earrings. 

Brilliant Earth

Need a classy pair of earrings for a birthday or anniversary gift? Brilliant Earth’s your go-to store for this and more. From alluring everyday wear to breathtaking items suited for the rarest occasions, you’ll surely find something special from this retailer.

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Brilliant Earth has a variety of styles, including hoops, studs, and drop earrings. They’ve yellow gold, silver, and white gold pieces adorned with diamonds and pearls. In addition, you can find choice pieces with birthstones.  


As the name suggests, this retailer is the ideal place to find high-quality studs affordably. However, they also have a selection of high-quality hoops. 

Studs make earrings ideal for everyone, even those with sensitive ears. This is because they use 14K Gold Or Rhodium Plated with Internal Brass. The brand guarantees pain-free wear on all its items.

You can pick from the many plain metal pieces or go out on the jeweled items featuring colorful or clear stones. Either way, you can find something simple but fun from this retailer. 

Maison Miru

The illusion hoops, delicate studs, and unique ear cuffs are just some of the things you can find at Maison Miru. The brand has a vast collection of beautiful earrings ideal for any style or occasion.

Their items are crafted from high-quality materials promising gentleness on sensitive ears even with everyday wear. The simple but creative designs are sure to be a hit with minimalists. In addition, the designs make it easier to pair with other earrings in their collections. 


Hoops, studs, drop earrings and statement pieces make up Nordstorm’s inventory. If you’re shopping for a wedding or formal event, you’ll find unique and well-designed pieces from this retailer.

The brand focuses on artistic designs that gently ask for attention without being too much. You’ll find cute studs, cascading chandelier earrings, and even unique fringe drop earrings. The brand uses gold, diamond, crystal, and other high-quality materials. 


Minimalistic designs and great prices are what Madewell promises. The styles range from classic pieces to modern and whimsical styles meant to capture attention. Whether you need chunky hoop earrings or simple causal studs, the brand promises ideal items for everyday wear with no irritation. 

Final Thoughts

These 10 stores are the perfect places to shop for your next earrings. They’ll give you a select collection of casual, formal, and party-style earrings. 

So, create a fun budget and reach beyond your comfort zone to find the perfect pair of earrings.