A Buying Guide of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj Stone)

Due to its crisp brilliance and bright hue, yellow sapphire or Pukhraj stone is not only beautiful but also enigmatic. It is a munificent gemstone associated with the powerful planet of Jupiter. Since Jupiter commands knowledge and learning, yellow sapphire promotes attributes like wisdom, prosperity, and health in its possessor. As an attractive gemstone, it carries mesmerizing color characteristics that draw attention.

When looking to buy yellow sapphire online for astrological purposes, you should determine various quality factors that may affect your buying decision. Here is a complete buying guide to help you through the process:

Evaluate the Color

Like any other gemstone, yellow sapphire comes in a variety of shades varying from pastel light yellow to deep golden yellow. Generally, the brighter stones with a pure hue are considered to be the best quality Pukhraj stones. If there are hints of green, orange, or golden, it reduces the value of the stone by some margin.

Due to its wide spectrum of shades, you have to identify the pure color of natural yellow sapphire, especially for astrological uses. The most popular shade of this gemstone is the canary yellow with medium tone and deep saturation.

Evaluate the Clarity

The level of transparency in a natural gemstone directly affects its quality and prices. In terms of original Pukhraj stone price, higher transparency fetches higher prices if the stone is untreated and unheated. When compared to other precious gemstones, yellow sapphire has lesser inclusions. However, it is not easy to find an eye-clean stone.

Since yellow sapphire is a type II clarity gem, it is likely to have slight inclusions resembling fingerprints of feathers. In this regard, the location, amount, and type of inclusions will decide the final value of the stone. Natural eye-clean stones are rare in existence, and they can be highly pricy.

If the stone has visible flaws, it is neither costly nor suitable from an astrological perspective. Hence, you should look for a stone with minimum visible inclusions and higher transparency.

Evaluate the Luster

The impact of light on a gemstone tells a lot about its quality. Yellow sapphire has an inherent vitreous luster. This aspect of gem quality is collectively affected by color, cut, and clarity. If the stone gleams beautifully under natural lights, it has a brilliant luster and transparency.

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However, if it does not emit brightness, it is dull and lackluster stone that looks unattractive. Yellow sapphire stones without luster are not suitable for astrological practices as well. Hence, you should check the luster of the stone before purchasing a Pukhraj stone ring online.

Evaluate the Cut

In the gemstone quality, the cut is an essential attribute that affects the overall appearance and weight of the stone. A well-cut symmetrical stone with smooth polish is highly valued. It not only displays the color to its best advantage but also enhances the overall luster of the gem. However, sometimes, a stone may be missing a precise cut if the cutter is more focused on saving the carat weight.

The ideal practice is to cut a stone with minimum weight reduction. For astrological purposes, you should choose a cut that retains more weight and has a high value. Highly faceted cuts like square, princess, Emerald, or trillion cut involve wastage of rough. It also needs higher skills and more time due to which Pukhraj gemstone price may be significantly high for such stones.

Evaluate the Carat Weight

When buying a precious gemstone like yellow sapphire, you should also determine the carat weight of the stone. It is an important pricing factor for a gemstone. Carat is the unit defining the weight of a gem. Yellow sapphire is generally difficult to find in big sizes and great quality. Since sapphires are heavier due to their high density, you’ll find smaller sized stones when compared to other stones with similar carat weight.

The prices also increase progressively with the sizing of the stone. Flawless gems with a clean surface and bigger size are extremely rare to find. Such stones fetch drastically high prices. So, you should consult an astrologer about buying a stone with the right carat weight for extracting its Pukhraj stone benefits.

Evaluate the Treatments

If a yellow sapphire stone lacks brilliant color and high luster, it may be subjected to intense heat treatments. These treatments improve the color and clarity of pale stones. They can transform a dull yellow sapphire into a marketable gem that fetches inflated prices.

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It is okay to buy such stones for jewelry, but if you intend to harness its astrological benefits, a heated stone is never the right choice. You should invest in an untreated and unheated natural yellow sapphire to make the most of its metaphysical properties. It may be pricier than the treated variety but the end results are worth the cost.

Evaluate the Origin

It is one of the most important factors that influence the quality, popularity, and prices of a gemstone. The best variety of yellow sapphire is found in Myanmar, Thailand, Ceylon, and Madagascar.

Ceylonese yellow sapphire stones mined in Ratnapura mines are considered to be of the highest quality. They have a pristine color and brilliant sheen that is incomparable with any other variety. The prices are also typically high for Ceylon yellow sapphires.

Evaluate the Price

Yellow sapphire price in India more or less relies on the same quality factors explained above. Hence, when buying this gemstone, you should evaluate the same on parameters that affect the overall quality. Remember, the prices will vary with the quality and size of each stone. Here, you should also keep in mind the purpose of buying this gem.

Yellow sapphire is an astrological gemstone in its pure and natural form. Such gemstones come at a higher price. So, if a seller offers astrological gemstone at unbelievably low prices, it may be a cheap imitation. You can ask the trusted gem seller for a free certificate from a reputable lab to prove the authenticity and quality that justifies its prices.

These are some important factors that matter when buying a pure and 100% natural yellow sapphire stone. Since buying an original gemstone is a big investment, you should pay attention to every aspect of quality for driving maximum return on your investment.