Jewelry everyday – Jewelry that you can wear all the time

Jewelry everyday – Jewelry that you can wear all the time

After husband the most lovable thing for women is jewelry.

Although Everyone cannot afford to buy it because it is too expensive to buy it.

There are various types of jewelry that women wear on a Day to Day basis.

Gold jewelry

jewelry prepared using gold is termed as gold jewelry.

Gold is the most expensive metal used in manufacturing jewelry.

Silver jewellery

In silver jewellery  silver metal is used.

It is less expensive as compared to gold jewelry

Artificial Jewellery

It is prepared with Brass or Copper.

it is the cheapest amongst all

Above are the forms of jewelry according to your budget and preference.

Different kind of metals used to prepare it.

Let’s discuss the types of jewelry


It Comes in Pair and to be worn on Ears.

Various form of earrings is Dangler, ethnic, traditional, jhumki, Diamond, etc.

Women Prefer wearing a lightweight earring on a daily basis.


A ring is to be wear on the middle finger of Right hand.

Various types of rings are Kudan Ring, Ring band, Wedding ring, Solitaire ring, Ethnic ring,

Gemstone ring

When we first heard the name gemstone then the picture that comes in our mind is astrology.

People usually wear gemstone when some astrologer gives them the advice to wear it.

Men and Women prefer wearing it on a daily basis.

It’s not Compulsory that people wear gemstone ring when some astrologer advice them to wear.

Women love wearing trendy designer jewelry Brands as well.


Pendant wears around the neck in the chain.

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This is the item that women love wearing it on a daily basis because it is lightweight and does create any interruption in a day to day work.

Pendant makes women look Simple and smart.


Anklets are another item that most Indian women love wearing it on a day to day basis.

It gives them a pure traditional look

Mangal Sutra

This is the most important item that Indian women prefer wearing it.

According to Indian Rituals married women must wear mangal sutra around the neck.

It is the Symbol of faithfulness and relationship

In India, Widow women do not wear mangalsutra.

So this rule is only applicable to married women


If we talk about bangles the bangles are of various types.

Western bangles

Glass bangles

lakh bangles

Gold Bangles

Its totally Vary from women to women that what they prefer wearing it like Indian Housewives prefer wearing gold Bangles whereas Rajasthani Indian Women Prefer wearing lakh Bangles which gives them traditional look when they wearing it with lehenga chunni and if we talk about a young girl then She prefers to wear Western bangles.

So as I stated earlier it may vary from Women to women


It is basically the Substitute for Bangles those women who do not prefer wearing heavy Bangles can go for bracelets.

Bracelets may also vary like Chain Bracelets, Cuff Bracelet, Charm Bracelets, Beaded Bracelets, etc.