5 Luxury Pens to choose from for your Executive Work

luxury pens

Executive pens are simply more than just an ordinary writing instrument, but a statement of one’s status and personal style. They are designed with a dual purpose to impress the user, and everyone else with their quality and design. These type of luxury pens are often presented to important people in the form of gifts. Gifting stationery is quite common in professional and academic circles. Luxury pens are also a great choice to reward yourself with in order to commemorate a personal achievement. Looking forward to purchasing a luxury pen? Here are some excellent choices that can help you avoid the confusing labyrinth of online stationery and make the process much easier for you.

Paperkraft Mozart Ceramic Roller Ball Pen

With a sleek and premium metal body with a dazzling gold-tone finish, the Mozart is more than just a pen. This is a fine writing instrument that is ideal for a corporate executive. The Paperkraft Mozart offers a smooth writing experience thanks to its 0.6mm stainless steel tip. It is a ceramic roller ball pen powered by German ink technology. The Paperkraft Mozart Ceramic Roller Ball Pen is an excellent writing companion, and an attractive accessory when you’re not using it.

Paperkraft Chopin Matte Black Ball Pen

Redefine elegance with the Paperkraft Chopin’s impeccably smooth twist mechanism. It has an all-metal body with a classy matte black finish. It is the perfect writing accessory for the sophisticated executive who lets their work do the talking. The 0.6mm stainless steel tip provides an effortless writing experience. The Paperkraft Chopin Matte Black Ball Pen is one of the most suave and subtle pens one can have. You can also purchase the Paperkraft Chopin in a Matte Grey colour.

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Paperkraft Beethoven Black Silver Ceramic Roller Ball Pen

This stylish ceramic roller ball pen has a premium metallic body with a silver-tone finish. In addition to its elite appearance, the Paperkraft Beethoven provides an exceptionally fine writing experience. It has a 0.6mm stainless steel tip for a neat and smooth result every time you write. The German ink technology gives Paperkraft Beethoven Black Silver Ceramic Roller Ball Pen a cutting edge advantage over ordinary pens.

Paperkraft Scepter Ceramic Roller Ball Pen

The most premium and prestigious pen from Paperkraft, the Scepter is made for the discerning businessperson with a refined taste. Equipped with a patented ventilation technology, this pen has been designed and made in Japan. The 0.5mm rust-free Ceramic Ball tip makes writing a pleasure. The golden detailing on the Paperkraft Scepter creates the perfect contrast with the glossy black metal body. This luxury pen is more than just a piece of stationery, and it oozes elegance and authority. Created for people of eminence, the Paperkraft Scepter Ceramic Roller Ball Pen is a truly magnificent work of art itself.

Paperkraft Callista Ceramic Roller Ball Pen

Designed and made in Japan, the Paperkraft Callista is luxury stationery redefined. It has a classic black and gold tone finish on an all metal body that gives it a premium look and feel. The Paperkraft Callista is designed with a patented ventilation technology. Its Ceramic Roller Ball tip is fuelled with Japanese ink technology that makes writing an effortless experience. Available in a pre-packed magnetic box, the PaperkraftCallisa Ceramic Roller Ball Pen is the perfect way to gift stationery to a colleague or friend.

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