Making a website attractive for people: top tips

Make a website attractive: it’s easy

Suppose your website is finally fully ready, and the server is equipped for the onslaught of the first traffic. But somehow, your analysis tool spits out only a dozen visitors a day. What now? You have forgotten one important point: you must first make your new website known and attractive so that visitors come. Let’s take a look at some recommendations offered by SECLGroup: they will definitely be helpful for making your platform recognizable.

Content is king! Don’t forget content marketing.

Here is a very simple rule: without the right content, you will not get visitors. You have to offer what the surfers are looking for. 

  1. If you are a chef, you can offer recipes. 
  2. If you are a painter, offer tips for wallpapering. 
  3. The doctor provides the patient with information about treatments. 

You have to offer new content over and over again so that Google thinks: “Something seems to happen on the site, so I’ll give it a chance and rank it a little higher.” If, on the other hand, nothing happens on your website and the same information stays on the same page for years, Google thinks: “Hmmm…it’s boring. I don’t think the site is maintained anymore. Then I’d rather give more up-to-date pages a chance.” 

Of course, this is now a bit simplified, as there are complicated systems in the background for search engines. But basically, it’s like this: if you constantly create good content, you have the most chances. It does not have to be published weekly. 

The area of content marketing has become the most important in search engine optimization. If you create comprehensive, targeted, and converting content, you are also well received by search engines. If you have no talent for writing your own texts, you can look for external help, which is a lot on the market.

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By the way, a company blog is one of the most common ways to gain reach. Don’t be afraid to hand over content for free. Of course, this should not give up your own business model. But offering solutions to problems is always a good approach to stand up well on the net and find new customers.

Don’t forget to add external links

In addition to the content, the links from other websites are still one of the most important signs for Google that your page is relevant. You can achieve very good results even with little content with strong links. 

Just a few words: Do NOT buy links in the package for little money! This harms you more than it benefits you. Professional purchased link building always costs a lot of money and becomes less profitable yearly. Focus more on the content than on artificially created reach that will never last in the long term.

Friends and acquaintances as a traffic machine

You have certainly already thought of that. Be the first to advertise your company presence in your circle of friends or acquaintances. Ask for a recommendation or maybe even a link from a colleague’s sister-in-law’s website. Good networking is always an advantage, both privately and for business.

Use social media to make the website known

If you have already made your friends and relatives aware of your website, just ask if they could share the website on their social media channels! Whether Instagram, Facebook, or even Tik Tok. Any kind of social reach is good and helps you to make your platform better known. It just has to look authentic and be suitable for the target group.

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And if you have time and content that you don’t want to withhold from the world, create a company page on social portals. They are now even equipped with shopping facilities. Of course, the social media strategy can be extended to other platforms such as Twitter. If you have a lot to do with pictures and possibly work creatively, you should take a look at Pinterest.

So, above all, here are the options to look at:

  • YouTube;
  • Instagram;
  • Pinterest;
  • Facebook;
  • Tik Tok;
  • LinkedIn.

Push awareness levels with Instagram

Millions of people worldwide use Instagram daily. This app, which targets social media and the photography sector, has already given birth to lots of celebrities! Anyone who now manages to captivate viewers with the photos he publishes there also ensures that their own page gains fame. To do this, the published pictures only have to tell a story that visitors look at enthusiastically! Publishers with a female target group are predestined for Instagram. For example, the wedding photographer who shows his works on Instagram and thus wins new customers. But food bloggers, bakeries, clothing manufacturers, and generally local providers of cool services or products will also find a place there.

Meanwhile, there are video formats there to reach target groups frequently, quickly, and easily. The more original, the better. The more often (but not annoying), the more effective. It sounds elaborate at first but is incredibly promising.

Google Shopping

With its own shopping platform, Google offers everyone the opportunity to bring their products to the market. Google Shopping’s search results preferably appear at the top. Leaving out this possibility of sales is almost negligent. At least the additional advertising space ensures traffic.

Understandably, it is not a full list of tips that will help to make your site recognizable. But these ones work great, so give them a try, and you will be surprised by the result!