Are KitchenAid fridges efficient enough? Here are the features

kitchenaid fridges

A refrigerator is one of the most popular outcomes of modern science and technology. As the day passes, KitchenAid fridges’ features and technology are becoming better and more efficient always. Right now, there are hundreds of different refrigerators with various features and efficiencies in the market. KitchenAid refrigerators are of different types. Previously, there were only single-door refrigerators used in almost every house. Now that technology has become more advanced and user-friendly. You will find KitchenAid fridges with 2 to 5 doors for domestic and commercial purposes. Different chambers have different individual features and cooling capacities.

As there are different options available in the market, you need to decide which will be the exact fit for your kitchen. Do you need a side-by-side door or french door, black stainless or traditional stainless steel? The decision is up to you. In this article, we are going to discuss the features of KitchenAid Fridges. The most popular one in today’s market is known as the KitchenAid 5 door refrigerator. Judging by the name, you already know that the fridge has five doors for five different purposes. Let’s have a close look at the features of the product.

Overview of KitchenAid Fridges with 5 doors

The 5-door fridges are around 36 inches wide with an interior space of about 28 cubic feet. These numbers vary from company to company and prices too. The exterior parts of most fridges are made with black stainless steel. These fridges have enough space to store vegetables and food even if there are 5 to 6 members in your family.

Soft-close Drawers

Among the 5 doors, there are 2 soft-close drawers. You can control the temperature of these two compartments. These two sections are mainly for storing meat, drinks, foods to marinate or cheese. Based on the needs, you will be able to set the temperature of the drawers.

kitchenaid fridges

3-tier drawer including storage divider

Like a three-storied building, the main chamber of 5-door KitchenAid fridges has been divided into three tiers or partitions. It will help you to keep your food and other items in an organized way. As there are three different tiers, you do not need to put one container on top of the other. Hence, it will be easier to access for you. There is also another storage divider at the lower basket, which helps keep the smaller items organized. Due to lots of space, we will have the opportunity to keep so many items inside the refrigerator. Furthermore, the fridge also can freeze all of them at once.

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LED Lighting in KitchenAid fridges

Inside all the KitchenAid fridges’ chambers, the companies are now putting a total of 9 LED lights framed in Chrome. These lights are maintenance-free, and you do not need to replace them ever. Previously, incandescent bulbs were there. However, they were replaced after a specific time. But with all these new LED lights, there is no chance of replacement.

kitchenaid fridges

Spill-Resistant Adjustable Shelves

Previously, people were facing problems when unnecessary spilling over happened. It became a complete mess by spreading to all other parts of the refrigerator. It was so hard and time taking to clean all the sections. But in modern-day refrigerators, the edges of the shelves have finely textured surfaces with nano-etched. This feature helps keep the spills within that area only. Therefore, you only need to clean that particular shelf. Also, there won’t be any mess due to spill over.

kitchenaid fridges

Modern-day KitchenAid fridges

Now let’s move forward to the efficiency of the modern-day KitchenAid fridges. Only a few years back, the technology for refrigerators was not that advanced as it is now. The fridges consumed more electricity and took extra time to freeze items inside. But now, as the technology has grown so faster, modern refrigerators take very little time to cool things off. It also consumes less electricity. So, that you do not have to worry about your utility bills. With all of these features as mentioned above. The new-age refrigerators have become the perfect fit for all types of small or big houses.

KitchenAid fridges are available in different sizes and features in the market. So if you do not belong to a large family, then there is no use in buying a 5 door large refrigerator for your home. 2-door or 3-door refrigerators will be enough to keep your items fresh and frozen. Indeed, the small refrigerators do not have as many facilities as the larger ones. But the cooling capacity and energy consumption for both of them are almost the same. Almost all the refrigerators have drawers for the vegetables. If you pay attention properly, you will find that the vegetable basket is a lot less cool than the other refrigerator sections. You can set the temperature of that section on an accurate level so that the vegetables stay fresh.

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The outer part of the fridges is mostly made with stainless steel. Some companies also use black stainless steel to make it more attractive. The main benefit of using stainless steel is that it is completely rust-free. The color of the exterior part of the refrigerator will not be changed or faded out even after using it for ten years.

Winding Up

As you have seen, the new-age KitchenAid fridges are very much effective for any house. All the different kinds of features in different drawers make it easier for you two separate the things that need different cooling processes. More importantly, you can store fresh meats, fishes, or all kinds of dairy products easily as a separate chamber is present for those kinds of items. So do not waste your time. Rush to the nearest outlet for home appliances. Check with the refrigerator’s features and specifications that you need at your home. And, buy the best one that fits your budget. You do not need to carry the refrigerator by yourself. The company executives will deliver and install the product at your house. They will also show you all its functions and features.