Is honest 1 auto care affordable? Honest 1 auto care prices

honest 1 auto care

Car repairing has become a very known problem nowadays. You will find a car repair shop at every corner of the city. Everyone is looking out for the best services at an affordable price. But repairing your Mercedez from a local mechanic can cause damages to your car. In most cases, the local mechanics do not know all the functionalities of the high-level cars. That’s why Honest 1 auto care can be the best choice for you when it comes to car service or car repair. They offer the best price in the market and promise to fix all kinds of issues in your car in a short time. Here are some services that the company offers for you.

Honest 1 Auto Care always offers you same day service. They are aware of how essential your car is to you in going to work or other places. All you need to is take your car to their workshop in the morning. They will deliver it with all problems fixed in the evening. If you cannot move your car due to a breakdown or some other technical issues, you can just call them. The company mechanic will come and take your care to the workshop. They promise that once the car is fixed, it will run smoothly for 3 years of 36000 miles, excluding the accidents and tire punctures. This means Honest 1 Auto Care is offering 3 years or 36000 miles of warranty on car servicing and repairing.

Honest 1 Auto Care Services

Honest 1 offers its customers a complimentary shuttle service within a 10 miles radius from the shop. This is for the benefit of the customers. When they leave their car at the service center for repairing or servicing, the company provides them a pick and drop service for free. So, they do not have to walk or take public transport to their homes. The company offers shuttle service in the morning and afternoon for both pick and drop purposes. This schedule depends upon the daily work volume and car delivery schedules. To avail of this free shuttle service, you need to inform the company in advance that you need this service. Based on your request the company will accommodate you.

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Honest 1 Auto Care also has a financing facility for the customers. Suppose your car has had a small accident or some big problem has been spotted in your car, which will be very expensive. Although Honest 1 is going to fix your car at the lowest market price. Still, considering the damage or the problem, the amount may not be affordable for you immediately. For those situations, the company offers financing services for their customers. The financial partner will approve the instant loan of the company against some easy installments. The finance company will only need some necessary documents like your identity proof and your source of income. That’s all you need for an instant loan.

Why Choose Honest 1 auto care?

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of car servicing companies available. But there are some specific reasons behind why you choose Honest 1 Auto Care for your car servicing.

The company provides you free estimates for your car servicing.

Whenever you are facing any issue with your car, just contact the company. The executives will give you an estimation of expenses by judging the problems in your car. This will be a great help for you because you will have an advanced estimate of your expenses for servicing the car. For critical issues, the company executives will come to your place, examine the car first, and then estimate for repairing that problem. This service offered by the company is entirely free of cost.

Experienced engineers and technicians.

Honest 1 has the most experienced engineers and technicians with all types of solutions for your car. All of them are ASE certified technicians and have years of experience in this field. So, you do not have to worry about anything as your car will be in expert hands. These technicians will make you understand precisely the problem that your car is facing and what needs to be done so that there will be no discrimination between you and your company regarding the service process.

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honest 1 auto care

Honest 1 auto care always takes care of its customers.

When you come to the service center with your car for repairing purposes, the company does not want that you go back to your home by taking public transport. Therefore they have arranged a free shuttle service for the customers within the ten miles of radius around the service center. These shuttles will drop you back at your home and pick you up at the time of the car’s delivery. Thus, you do not have to worry about going to the service center without your car.

Same-day service.

For most of the known issues, Honest 1 offers same-day service not to have to leave your daily life without your car for more than one day. For critical cases, the company estimates how long it will take to get it done. The executives, I will commit you lowest time frame regarding the long-term repairing cases. But for most repair cases, if you give your car in the morning to the service center, devil fix it before evening. Sometimes due to heavy workflow, the company informs their customers in advance that there will be some delay in repairing your car.

honest 1 auto care

Winding Up

Honest 1 Auto Care offers all these services at an affordable price and makes it easier for you to repair costs. You may get cheaper car repairing shops available in your area, but they will not give you that many facilities you are getting here. So do not waste your precious time. Come to Honest 1 and repair your car within one day at the cheapest cost.