Best electric cars 2020 to buy

Best electric cars 2020

Global climate threats are looming large, and pollution is a big concern. It is the right time to save money and reduce emissions. Choose a stylish model from the best electric cars 2020, and enjoy exclusive drives. The following automobiles improve air quality, and they can also be easy on your status.

BMW i3: best electric cars 2020 with a high-roof

BMW i3 is arguably the finest, sustainable automobile. It’s premium “look and feel,” as well as small size, is a high value for money. Urban drivers can charge it up and enjoy a comfortable ride up to 198 miles. It has cozy interiors, and the single gear synchronous electric motor with a 33kWh battery is an excellent addition. The agile car can accelerate up to 93 mph, and it controls drift using dynamic traction. And it has a fashionable silver roofline with attractive fore and aft bumpers.

Porsche Taycan: spacious and sporting German sedan

The Taycan is available in Turbo S and Turbo options with ranges of 250 and 270 miles. It is a well-designed Porsche with futuristic performance. The car weighs 2.3 tons, but it is easy to handle and accelerate. The 93.4 kWh lithium-ion battery is in between the motor-attached axles. The automobile has envious features such as the J1 platform, Panamera-like suspension, and four-wheel steering. And the four-door, four-seat body and skateboard chassis give it a beautiful shape.

Hyundai Kona EV: a robust car with great design

The efficient and affordable Kona is one of the best electric cars 2020. The SUV comes in two battery types, 39 and 64kWh, with mileages of 180 and 278 miles, respectively. It has an exquisite design with altered front and back bumpers. It has no front grille, but the side-skirts are new and stylish. The electric model is also aerodynamic, thanks to its unique 17-inch alloy wheels. It has an efficient powertrain, and the infotainment system and safety features are also quite impressive.

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Mini Electric: an affordable vehicle for urban drivers

This eco-friendly automobile comes with a lithium-ion battery. It is an affordable model that comes in a limited range of colors. But it has all the standard equipment, along with superb digital features. The interiors look a little different, but a range of 145 miles is appreciable for a Mini. The automobile is suitable for fun and brisk drives. You can speed up from zero to 62 miles per hour in 7 seconds. It offers 270Nm torque, and the structure keeps it practical and straightforward, yet impactful.

Vauxhall e-Corsa: a small car with impressive comforts

The e-Corsa is a full hatchback with a 50kWh battery, 100kW power, and 209 miles range. It is a worthy contender to Honda e, Mini Electric, and Renault Zoe. The car comes with a rapid changer, and it can toggle between Eco, Normal, and Sport modes for maximum performance. It has a wall-mounted fast charger and comes with a smart app for easy management. The spacious automobile is also easy to handle.

Honda e: best electric cars 2020 with a dynamic look

The stylish hatchback comes in e and e Advance models. They come with 110 and 113 kW electric motors. The tech-heavy features include an 8-inch screen that works as an instrument cluster. It also includes two 12.3 inch touch screens for the driver and passenger. The Honda e also includes an HDMI port, Parking Pilot, and Nintendo Switch to play games. It has beautiful interiors and a Single Pedal Control System for regenerative braking.

Volkswagen ID.3: versatile car for very long drives

ID.3 is a customer-friendly model with exquisite features. Volkswagen has taken great care to design and deliver this spacious vehicle. The whole family will comfortably fit in this 5-seat, 5-door hatchback. It has an elongated wheelbase, but the compactness greatly simplifies urban parking. You can order a bespoke model with 45, 58, or 77 kWh battery options. They ensure a mileage ranging between 205 to 342 miles. Also, it offers a 310 Nm instant torque, with a high-output wall box and two power level choices.

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Audi e-Tron: sleek and stylish sports back

The Audi e-Tron is a smart and large car with five seats. It is one of the best electric cars 2020 with high conceptual clarity. The SUV lovers will get impressed by this conventional model with superior rear power. It comes in different, inexpensive types with a mileage range of 195 to 252 miles. This automobile has a cutting-edge infotainment system too. You can quickly check the energy consumption information of different systems of the car. So, it facilitates fuel-efficient driving without any loss of comfort or range.

Mercedes EQC: innovative mobility with luxuries

The elegant Mercedes competes very hard with Jaguar and Audi models. The comfortable SUV, equipped with a durable lithium-ion battery, has 4X4 drivetrains. It achieves superior performance with 250 miles between recharges. And it has a heavy and safe steel body with smart exteriors. It is a spacious, 5-seater with tilting rear back seats. The EQC has envious technological features, including a center screen, colorful graphics, and comprehensive information. It has adjustable regenerative braking and an automatic satellite navigation link to maximize the range.

Tesla Model 3: an affordable best electric car 2020 with rich features

The five-seat, four-door Tesla automobile gained a lot of popularity. The car stands apart for its interior design, acceleration, and enjoyable ride quality. It has two electric motors powered by 75 or 100kWh batteries. The Model S also has considerable cabin storage space, while its center of gravity and range of useful and impressive. And its tech-intensive features include Autopilot, streaming services, web browser, over-the-air updates, and advanced parking sensors.

Nissan Leaf: best electric cars 2020 with a compact design

Nissan Leaf is a pioneer in hybrid and an electric class of vehicles. It ensures an elegant drive and accelerates quickly from zero. The model has a loyal and satisfied customer base, which enjoys its practical and conventional features. It offers a great range, and the running costs are also meager. The Leaf runs purely on electric power, and you can charge the battery at home. It includes friendly technology as well as safe, comfortable seating. Besides, the car is spacious and very fast too.