How to efficiently cut down the costs of a wedding?

costs of a wedding

Weddings are wonderful events that strengthen the institution of marriage. The types of events and length of the ceremony vary with your ethnicity. But the costs of a wedding can be very demanding, all around the world. Yes, you have to plan and calculate the expenses or, you might end up blowing your bank balance. Is there a budget constraint from your parents? Or, are you planning to cut short the wedding expenses to be reasonable? Here are some of the practical tips to reduce the overall cost without ruining the wedding.

Buffet service cuts down catering costs of a wedding

Food is a major part of any festive occasion, and weddings are no different. A buffet service is a more viable strategy compared to sit-down dinners or lunches. You do not have to spend the extra cash on wait-staff too. Also, the guests will have more freedom in choosing their favorite dishes.

The costs you save from the buffet can also improve the menu. You can choose to serve mouth-watering appetizers and desserts. Of course, you have to factor in wedding size, the number of guests, choice of food, and caterer skills. Cocktail parties with seafood are cost-effective ideal choices for small ceremonies.

Utilize your friends: look for talent

Instead of hiring professionals, enlist your friends for assistance. Be careful and look for talented individuals who can do specific tasks. Florists offer DIY packages where they deliver baskets of different flowers at a cheaper rate. You can pick friends with artistic talent to arrange the flowers for you. Even amateurs with some reputation can perform these simple activities.

The best areas to outsource to your friends are photography, videography, DJ service, wedding card designing, and more. Remember that you are recruiting talent and not asking them to do it for free. However, it would cost considerably less than scouting professionals. And, you are giving them a platform.

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Season matters

The costs of a wedding shoot up with regards to the climate. Late spring and early fall are the ideal wedding season, and all the services will be jam-packed and in high demand. Thus, it is not economical to pick this prime time. The cheapest months to conduct a wedding are from January to April and November. The venue rates and services fee would be higher for Sunday weddings. Monday to Thursday is the cheapest time to get married. Are you planning a destination wedding? Pick the off-season time for better deals on tickets and hotels. It is best to stick with seasonal flowers for decorations, as they would cost lower. While picking food items for the feast, pick seasonal ingredients.

Be up-to-date: try a modern wedding

Traditional ceremonies can be very elaborate and expensive too. You have to rent a large venue and hire experienced professionals. Also, the wedding will involve sit-down dinners, fancy bridal gowns, and five-course meals. Alternatively, a modern wedding can be very informal and innovative. You can hire a photography student and purchase the gown online. You can cut down the length of the events too. Remember that most of the services charge per hour, and even if you could cut your wedding short by two hours, you will be saving money.

Avoid expensive gifts to lower the costs of a wedding

Some return gifts like travel bags, watches, and home decor items can be expensive. You can offer beautiful gift vouchers and inexpensive thank-you cards to lower the costs. Personalized boxes, magnets, key chains, and personalized rings are also very cheap. Search online for gift ideas and pick the items that match your personality and aesthetic taste. These small tokens of affection go a long way in strengthening relationships.

Plan a small event: invite a few friends

A large guest list implies a very big budget for a fancy party. You have to spend more on food, rental furniture, space, and gifts. Also, these invitees have to get satisfied with a more festive show. It will involve limo rides, colorful decorations, stage sets, and ornate wedding gowns. Invite fewer friends to the ceremony and throw a sweet but memorable party. Many wedding decorators offer elopement packages for intimate ceremonies too.

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Buy liquor carefully: contact refund stores

No reception or party is complete without tasty drinks. But alcohol is expensive, and it adds to the costs of a wedding. You have to plan this expense and come up with a correct estimation. Please do not purchase a large number of crates as they may go waste. Also, some stores do not refund you back. Choose stores with return policies so, if there are unopened bottles, you can return them and collect cash. Guests often drink less during the daytime. So, plan a morning or afternoon ceremony to cut down the costs.

Early cake cutting reduces photography costs

Yes, cutting a beautiful wedding cake is mandatory on this special occasion. But it need not be a long and expensive activity. You can cut the cake early in the reception and proceed to the main event. It will cut down the costs of photos and videos. Remember, these experts charge on a “per hour” basis.

Simple invitation cards minimizes costs of a wedding

Designer invitations with embossing, gold plates, and ribbons are expensive. The alternative is a cheap and personalized solution from a website. These designers charge less, and you can print the digital file at home with ease. If you know to use Photoshop, you will only have to incur printing charges. Or, design traditional cards for family members (older generation), and the young generation guests can receive e-cards.

Finally, hiring a planner can reduce your stress levels and effort. But professionals charge a handsome fee for their expert services. However, their skill sets can also be useful in cutting down unwanted expenses. Make a wise decision based on your estimates and wedding checklist. Also, you can find wedding coordinators who offer their skills for reasonable or discount prices.