What type of content gets the most followers in Twitter?

most followers on Twitter

Are you looking for more followers? Well, it is not easy as there are several good content, memes, and tweets out there. You need to outperform most of those top accounts consistently to gain new followers. Do you know that 86% of Twitter users log into the platform every day? So, you need fresh and trending content to get noticed. Here are the top contents that get the most followers in Twitter.


Do videos get the most followers on Twitter?

In 2019, video accounted for 80% of global traffic on the internet. 82% of Twitter users watch videos. Moreover, videos are six times more likely to get retweeted than photos and GIFs. Are you looking to get the most followers in Twitter for improving your business? According to a study, video-based brand marketing on Twitter is 28% more likely to end in sales.
After sharing a video, make sure to regularly visit to look at the comments. If there were any comments or questions, respond appropriately. It is better to live-tweet your videos. The best way to create a buzz for your tweet is by creating a teaser for your video. Moreover, add some graphics, short animated videos, and more to your content.

Which type of videos gets the most followers on Twitter? It is best to choose trending topics on Twitter. Try to find the trending ideologies that would suit your style or brand. A video should create interest within the first three seconds. Thus, start immediately with the main content. Next, give a gist of what the viewer will be seeing in the video. It is best to keep your videos as short as 30 seconds. If you are looking for a worldwide audience, closed captions are essential.

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Infographics: say more with images


Infographics allow you to explain a large paragraph in a small image, and are thirty times more likely to get read than a normal paragraph. Moreover, interesting infographics are three times more likely to get retweeted than other types of Twitter content. The best way to use infographics is to create new ones that would suit your cause or brand. There are several tools like Infogram, Piktochart, and Canva to create infographics.

SEO-friendly content

There are several keyword tools to find evergreen content. This type of content would allow you to capture an audience with ease. Moreover, your content will never go out of fashion. Top evergreen content that gets more followers in Twitter is training guides, case studies, video tutorials, blog posts, e-books, how-to-do articles, podcasts, and more.

User generated content – get your fans talking

The best way to get more followers is to improve the way you treat your current followers. Many top brands on Twitter share user generated content. 45% of online buyers are more likely to believe user-generated testimonials than your high-end graphic video ad. The best way to create user-generated content is by creating a unique hashtag for people to follow. You can also retweet the best tweets from your followers.

Remember that not every follower of yours will be comfortable with their content getting shared and noticed. Thus, only use the content that the fans voluntarily submitted, and always seek permission before sharing. Wherever possible, give credits to the creator.

How-to-do guides – three times more retweets

If you have valuable information to share, always create a how-to-do guide. It could be something as simple as connecting a printer, or a complicated video rendering technique. Create a list, make a video, or use photographs, and teach your audience step-by-step.

Inspirational quotes get the most followers in Twitter


Given the current scenario, everyone is down and needs a good boost. A good motivational tweet would add a good amount of followers. Those who tweet inspiration quotes regularly have 43% more followers. Those who add quotes see a 19% increase in the number of retweets. You need not create a new inspirational quote. You can always find famous quotes from personalities or inspirational quote websites. It is also possible to add a little class by creating a picture with those words on it.

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Interactive content – let them make you popular

In most cases, the content you deliver on Twitter is a one-way conversation. You share something, and if people like it they would follow. If not, they will scroll, and you will be invisible. Today, getting the most followers on Twitter needs more than just marvelous content. Visitors always look for a personalized experience. You can create such an experience with interactive content.

The top types of interactive content are interactive infographics, calculators, quizzes, assessments, contests, and more. Some uncommon interactive contents are interactive white paper, wizards, configurators, and more. You can also add a small game. On the other hand, you can try an engaging question. Instead of sending a quote, ask a question. A standard post with a question would get better comments and engagement than a great quote.

Sometimes people take up sensitive questions or make a harsh comment just to make people engage. It does give publicity but makes you infamous. You might lose followers just to see a hike in engagement. On the other hand, it is best to offer emotional value to your posts without hurting anyone.

GIF – get followers on Twitter by sharing emotions

GIF might not be one of the top ways to find many followers. But, it is a great way to keep up with the trend and improve CRM. An emotion or a sarcastic comment is best expressed with a GIF. There are several sources to find suitable GIFs. Or, you can make one with tools like Gifx, Gif Maker, Giphy Cam, Gif Toaster, and more. Most importantly, the character limitation on Twitter will never be a problem if you want to express something in-depth.

Remember that the trending content among your audience varies with time. It is imperative to analyze the trend, Tweet accordingly, check for feedback, and continue the process.