Develop Core Business Strategies with Video Testimonials

Develop Core Business

Every organization’s focus is on its core business. The core business is the main activity of the company that involves creating the products, offering services, and promoting them. Core business strategies are those that revolve around core activities. One of these strategies is marketing and business promotion. A top-quality product made by a company needs to be promoted if it wants to achieve success. Promotion involves a lot of time and effort. There are many strategies to achieve this but the best strategy involves the use of testimonials.

The Video Testimonial

A testimonial is a recommendation from an existing customer about an organization, its products, and services. The testimonial is a powerful promotional strategy that can be used to send a message to potential customers about the benefits of the product. Every new customer would be looking for information about the product, particularly about the benefits, and to know if other customers like the product. This is where the testimonial is helpful.

A testimonial helps a new customer to be convinced about a product since the information on the product is provided in the form of a review. It is effectively a recommendation by an existing customer to a new customer. This is why using testimonials is an important core business strategy. The strategy becomes more successful when the testimonial used is a video testimonial.

A video testimonial is where a customer talks about his/her experiences using the products and explains how it works with the benefits obtained. This is usually presented in a video where one or more customers talk about the problem they faced or they need and their search for a solution. The video testimonial would focus on how the product solved their problems/needs with the customer explaining the benefits of the product. This presents a powerful message to potential customers and can convince them to buy the product.

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How Video Testimonials can be Helpful?

The importance of video testimonials in core business strategies can be understood by its benefits:

1. The video testimonial adds credibility to the promotion strategy. Videos that promote a product are usually seen as advertisements and hence have less credibility. The video testimonial involves a real customer talking about a product. It is believable and lends authenticity to the video. People tend to believe testimonials and use them to make a buying decision.

2. A company can use a video testimonial on its website so that users can see the recommendation made by existing customers. This would ensure that potential customers are convinced that the product benefits meet their requirements. Companies can have a page with testimonials of different customers. A link to this page can be used in various online promotional activities.

3. A good video testimonial will make a lot of impact on social media. Today’s world is driven by social media, with millions of people having accounts on social media websites. Companies can share video testimonials on their social media platforms. Other users who see this would share it with their friends, making it go viral. This will ensure the word of mouth in the video testimonial spreads to many people. This makes the use of video testimonial an extremely cost-effective business promotional strategy.

 Testimonials Video

4. The video testimonial would focus entirely on the customer. This is the difference between a testimonial and an ad. The ad focuses on the brand and product whereas the video testimonial focuses on the customer. The testimonial has the experiences of the customer using the product. This makes it more believable. Further, the testimonial focuses on the benefits of using the product. This is again different from that of an ad, which would focus on the features of the product. This sort of a customer-centric video explaining the benefits of a product would help in acting as a word of mouth.

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5. Video testimonials can include a call to action. Most marketing communication tools would have a call to action. The call to action is a message that motivates the customer to take action, either to visit the store or to go ahead and make a purchase. In a video testimonial, the customer speaking in the video and recommending the product can make the call to action. This kind of call to action will be more effective. 

6. A video testimonial can be prepared in a professional way with the proper use of lighting and special effects. This would make the video attractive and would be liked by those who view it. The services of a professional agency can be used to design such effective video testimonials. 

Video testimonials are a powerful promotional strategy that can help a company acquire new customers. An organization can use these video testimonials to develop core business strategies that can help in its growth.